Hostess Gift Ideas

 I always like to bring a little something when visiting someone at their home. During the summer and holidays I know there is a great chance that get togethers will be at places other than my own home. If you are like me I am sure you struggle a bit to find the perfect gift. Sometimes I see things in stores that would be the perfect gift, but seem to forget about it when I actually need it. So, I have been keeping notes of perfect hostess gifts to bring with me and I thought I would share them with you.

Something personalized to the interest of the host: 
• Staying at someones cabin or beach house - how about nail polish, a cute pair of flip flops and a beach towel.
• Backyard bbq - try a basket of different spices, rubs and a monogrammed apron
• For the wine lover - a monogrammed cheese tray with a knife is a classy touch or maybe monogrammed coasters
• For the fashionista or preppy girl - anything monogrammed, Lilly Pulizter Murfee Scarf, anything Lilly Pulizter or maybe monogrammed kitchen towels.
• For the baker: baking cups, sprinkles, box of cake mix and monogrammed kitchen towels.
{I received this candle basked from Meeme & Papa for my birthday this year}
what it included: short & tall pillar candles, candle snuffers and a pair of hello kitty leggings just for fun.

Something Fragrant:
You can't go wrong with a fresh flower arrangement, but here are some of my other ideas.
• Potted orchid
• Basil, chive  or rosemary plant
• Candles- You don't just have to give a jar candle you can make a classy basket that contains different candle types and styles. This can even be a little basket with a few items. Think: votive or tealights and holders, decorative candles with something to set them on, matches, lighter, candle snuffer, jar candle.
• Reed Diffusers - you can give a fancy reed diffuser with extra reeds and scents.

Baked Goods
• Good Morning basket: coffee, tea, sugar, scones/ muffins/ coffee cakebutter, marmalade and jams.
•Mixes in a jar. Layer the dry ingredients for brownies, chocolate chip cookies, snicker doodle cookies etc. in a cute jar. Add a decorative ribbon along with a bamboo spoon and the recipe. 
• Homemade plus utensils: Pair a homemade pie with a pie server or mini loaves of bread with mini loaf pans. 

Paper Goods
• a variety of monogrammed or decorative stationary, a nice pen and a book of stamps.
• Napkin holder, napkins and spreader

While I may not drink it and like my mum usually just throw it away when I receive it I do know some wine drinkers. To help make you stand out from everyone else who may give the hostess wine I have come up with some lovely ideas.
• Monogrammed cheese tray and knife or monogrammed mingling plates.
• Wine basket which includes a bottle of wine, cocktail napkins, coasters, wine charms or a bottle stopper.
• Margarita mix with two margarita glasses  and coasters

Do you give hostess gifts when you go to someone's house? If you don't shame on you! If you do what do you like to give?


  1. These are such great ideas :) Thanks for thinking them up for us!

  2. What lovely ideas! I was brought up never going to someone's house empty handed so I can relate to this post!

    I would be happy to receive any of the things you listed!

  3. I have a serious weakness for anything monogrammed!

  4. All great ideas! I love it when someone brings me a hostess gift since I'm the one that throws most parties in my circle!

  5. Wow, those are really great ideas!

    I like to give fancy paper plates with matching smaller plates and napkins. If it's wrapped nicely, it's a pretty gift. They have these reasonably priced at Tuesday Morning then you can do a pretty bow!

    I also like to give the hand towels for the bathroom too.

  6. im not typically a fan of monogrammed goods ...but that beach towel is super cute!!! :-)

    happy weekend girl!

  7. Those are all great ideas! For one of my bridal showers, I got the hostesses pashmina wraps as a gift. For another one (for family), I got my aunt ceramic popcorn bowls, some popcorn and candy since the theme of the shower was Game Night :)

    I will definitely keep all of these in mind for next time!

  8. Hotess gifts are something I need to work on more!

  9. Great hostess gift ideas! I've noticed that since starting my food blog, most people just expect me to cook for them once I come visit. Not a problem!

  10. Such unique ideas! I usually do a bottle of wine or a nice plant :)

  11. Nice ideas! I usually send a gift card with a thank you note after we leave!

  12. Love these! You always have such fabulous ideas for gift baskets! Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. I'm glad to see there's someone out there that's just as obsessed with monograms as I am! :)

  14. I LOVE the idea of personalized baskets! One time my BFF needed jaw surgery and so we took her a basket with like 15-20 different bottles of juice/favored-water/fizzy drinks to get her through the first few days. It was fun to pick 'em out and way more creative then just giving her flowers...

  15. I love anything monogrammed... love the towel idea!


  16. This is great! Always a nice gesture to bring a hostess gift! I know how much i appreciate them!

  17. Great ideas. Thanks for visiting Yummy Mummy. LOVE your blog and am following now :)

  18. love, love, love this post! I'm always looking for new ideas!

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