15 gift baskets perfect for the holidays

{Hello Kitty themed gift basket Christmas 2009}

The holidays are still more than a month away, but I am not all about waiting in long lines and letting the holiday season slip by because of stress. While people are frantically shopping I will be sipping on hot cocoa while I admire Christmas decorations. My family loves theme baskets, and I think they are a lot of fun to make and receive. So here are 15 ideas for gift baskets this holiday season. I hope this helps make your shopping easier.

{Michigan themed basket Christmas 2009}
Movie Night Basket: a DVD, movie theater candy (gummy bears or Junior Mints, anyone?) placed in a popcorn bucket. (My mum makes these for my dad, brother and I every year)

Book Lover Basket: books or magazines related to the book lover's interest, large coffee mug, decorative bookmark, bubble bath and candles.

Breakfast Basket: Make your favorite quick bread (on my list is cinnamon spice bread), wrap it in cellophane and tie it with a pretty ribbon. Include a jar of your favorite jam with a mini spoon and knife. (Great for grandparents)

Kids Basket: crayons, coloring books, markers, stickers, play-doh

Sugar Cookie Basket: Make your own vanilla sugar with a vanilla bean and granulated sugar. Place in a pretty jar and include your favorite sugar cookie recipe, as well as a couple of cookie cutters and some decorating supplies such as sprinkles and colored sugars.

Pampered Basket: include some body scrub, body wash, bath bombs and a beauty mask.

Coffee Enthusiast Basket: gourmet coffee, mugs and some flavored syrups.

Wine & Cheese Basket: a bottle of wine, a block of cheese, crackers and some wine glasses
The Wine-o Basket: two bottles of wine, wine glasses and wine glasses markers.
Candle Basket: a variety of candles in different scents including votive and tea lights with holders. (a great hostess basket)

Tea Basket: a variety of teas (bags or loose), infuser, oversized mug, teabag holder and tins to hold tea.
Winter Basket: lip exfoliater, face masque, lotion, WoodWick Candle and hot chocolate. (awesome gift for the college girl in your life)

Cook Basket Chili Theme: fill a pot with assorted cans of beans (kidney, navy, pinto..etc), chili powder, your favorite chili recipe, a ladle and oven mitts.

Chocoholic Basket: hot chocolate mix, chocolate cookies, chocolate ice cream topping, chocolate candies.

Ice Cream Sundae Basket: ice cream scoop, jars of pineapple, butterscotch and strawberry topping, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, maraschino cherries, nuts, ice cream cones and sundae dishes. (my mum gave me this basket one year while I was in college it was a SERIOUS hit!)

{Winter Wonders Theme Basket 2010}

xo I hope this helped you!


  1. I love to make themed baskets too...but I have to be careful, or I will go way over budget stuffing it with great stuff! lol Great ideas here!!

  2. thx for following:)
    and ur blog looks so delicious:)

    please help us :)


  3. Great ideas! I love making up gift baskets. Receiving lots of little things is fun. And I'm with you. I'm about half way done my shopping. The last minute stuff drives me nuts!

  4. I'm dying over the Michigan themed basket. DYING!

    Better made chips are my FAVORITE!!!!

  5. These are so cute - I love it! I never thought about doing this before, and you're totally inspiring me - thank you! :)

  6. great ideas!!! I get a movie basket/box every year too :)

  7. wow i love this! i have never recieved or given a gift basket! maybe this is the year to start!! :)

    I love the movie basket idea! maybe i'll give that to my boyfriend in addition to his present, great for a date night!

    xoxo, jaz

  8. Bookmarked! Awesome ideas...thanks :)

    I wish someone made it for me~! hehe.
    Thanks for the ideas :)



  10. I love the "Sugar Cookie" basket... what a cute, fun idea for a family!

  11. Really lovely ideas! I've never given anyone a basket but I would love to gather one for someone this year :)

  12. Hey Erica,

    These are such wonderful ideas! I'd want someone to give me one for sure!

    Thanks for stopping by lovely, hope to see you again!

  13. We love themed gift baskets too!:D

    Loving the HK you did!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  14. Great ideas! I love the wine and cheese idea and the winter basket one. WoodWick candles are so great!

  15. This is a great idea. Especially for those hard to buy for people!

  16. I love this idea! I wasn't sure what to get my sis for xmas. I like this idea for her.

  17. I love these and could put so many to good use!! Wine & Cheese, tea, candles, Hello Kitty - I wouldn't really have to shop again til spring! hahaha!

    ps-almond bear paws!

  18. Great ideas!! Especially for those relatives who are impossible to shop for. I love the Hello Kitty idea, I might try that out on my little nieces :)

  19. These are all fabulous ideas! I love the wine and cheese basket especially. I might do that for my brother and his wife. Thanks! I'm trying to get my christmas shopping done early too so I can sit back, relax, and drink eggnog (with a little brandy maybe).


  20. I adore this. I always want to make Chrismas gifts/gifts in-general for others that are too cute for words. This is SUCH a great kick-start!

  21. what great ideas! i'll probably be stealing a couple haha
    thanks for sharing, and also thanks for the comment on my blog! :D x

  22. Oh this is a great post - I love the themed baskets, very clever :)


  23. What fun basket ideas -- perfect gifts for people who are hard to buy for!
    xo Josie

  24. LOVE the ice cream sundae basket idea. My kids are seriously getting this for Christmas! Thanks for coming by my blog today, btw. It's great to meet you. It looks like you have a fun site over here. Fashion plus food -- fun!

  25. Great ideas! Theme baskets are super fun to give and receive!

  26. I'll take the Wine-o basket please ;-)