pup culture

Meet Jack

This little puppy love became my pride and joy, November 2012. Since he’s pretty much tied to my hip, he’s become a big part of this blog. You’ll see him featured each Friday in "Pup Culture" posts. Below you can get to know a little bit more about my little ball of fur and follow the links for treats, DIY’s and more for your furbaby.

heart toy
fringe toy
mud mitt
paracord collar
salt dough ornaments

4th of july safety tips
bug bites
choosing the right groomer
dental: brushing your pups teeth
leashes over strollers
thanksgiving foods that can kill your dog
traveling with your pooch
winter safety

apple cinnamon cookies
frozen pb& banana ice cream
gingerbread biscuits
lumps of coal
peanut butter & blueberry sandwich
peanut butter cookies
peanut butter & bacon footballs
sweet potato treats
watermelon pupsicle

collar me charming: bow tie & collar
healthy dogma treats
mattie & margot collar
the southern pup: bow tie, collar and leash
three dog bakery: fall treats (2014)
three dog bakery: honey hearts (2014)
three dog bakery: puppy kisses (2014)

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