Travel Diaries: Kitch-iti-kipi, Upper Peninsula of Michigan

When you vacation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, there is no doubt that you will constantly discover something new to see. This trip was no exception. For the first time, I visited Kitch-iti-kipi, The Big Spring. Kitch-iti-kipi is one of Michigan’s most alluring natural attractions. Kitch-iti-kipi measures two hundred feet across and is 40-feet deep making it Michigan’s largest freshwater spring. Over 10,000 gallons a minute gush from fissures in the underlying limestone, and the flow continues throughout the year at a constant 45 degree Fahrenheit. Visitors are encouraged to board the self-operated raft to take advantage of the vantage points that allow you to see to the bottom of the water. Kitch-it-kipi named “Mirror of Heaven” by early Indians is located in the Palms Book State Park in Manistique in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula.

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