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Are you ready to take the leap into living debt free? Who wouldn't be ready? Living a life filled with debt is no fun, in fact, it's absolutely draining. You want to be able to adventure, travel and have fun with friends - however, when you are stuck behind piles of debt you feel like you can't do anything. Grand Canyon Advisors wants you to go on all the adventures you want to, and that's why they believe you should be saving money and not giving it all to credit card companies. Interest rates are out of control, and you might feel like you will never get ahead. Grand Canyon Advisors wants to see you go on all the adventures you can, and that's why they want to help you simplify payments and put money back where it belongs... in your pocket.

Today, everyone is all about getting out and exploring the world. One of the main challenges that individuals, couples, and families face is having the funds to be able to do the activities that they want to. Taking a vacation shouldn't break the bank. That's why I am sharing with you a few simple tips to help you take the vacation you want to.

1. Make sure you have a clear plan.
Vacations don't just happen, they require you to save money, coordinate schedules, book hotels, airlines, and other accommodations. Having a clear set plan allows you to plan your goals for your vacation better, like how much money you want to spend total, what is your budget for food. Don't forget that cooking your own food or buying things for sandwiches to have at lunch will cut the amount of money you spend on vacation down significantly.

2. Savings
You may have saved money for your vacation, but just remember you don't have to spend everything you've saved. You can use the money towards a vacation later. Just because you have extra funds doesn't mean they should all be spent.

3. Staycation
Before you say, ugh I live here why would I want to vacation here - just hear me out. I can almost guarantee that wherever you live you can take a day and see the attractions that you have never seen before. I personally love adventuring around Detroit. Despite living here, there's always something new to see, do or eat.

4. Off-Season Travel
Many people want to travel in the summer, and adventure to warm places in the winter. What if you flipped the script and visited places during their off-season times instead of their peak travel times? You can save a lot of money if you travel when others have decided the vacation season is over. Not only save money, but you won't have to deal with the crowds.

5. Explore National Parks
This is something that I personally really want to do. National Parks offer great vacations at a low price. Packing your own lunches will save you money and of course, you can camp which is so much cheaper than a hotel.

I am currently dreaming about a trip to Iceland or one out west. While both of these trips are very different they are both something i want to do and am working on saving money - and getting up the courage for the flights.

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