How To Create Data-Driven Blog Content

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When it comes to writing quality articles online, one of the biggest challenges is creating content that drives leads and sales. While some blog posts create all the buzz, others just don't produce what you hope for. Below you will find five steps that help data-driven blog content perform better.

Step 1: What is a Data-Drive Blog Post
I know this might sound silly, but when your boss tells you to write a data-drive post do you even know what he is talking about? These types of posts give your readers data and numbers that have been backed up or tested. When you included data in your content, readers find your content to be more valuable, trustworthy and authoritative. In turn, this makes you become a trusted source for more than just data-driven elements.

Step 2:  Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Content is king. Content marketing is designed to generate traffic, increase click-through rates, acquire leads and of course increase sales. Architects wouldn't start building a house without a blueprint, and the same goes for a business you shouldn't just jump into content marketing you should create a plan.

What Should a Content Marketing Strategy Include?
1. A clear purpose  - why is this content needed? Recently I was looking to build one of the email lists at work, therefore I needed to make sure my blog post was properly aligned with my goal.
2. Define your audience - knowing your audience allows you to easily figure out the keywords that are needed in post to drive the best results.
3. Create a Content Calendar - this is crazy, but a lot of companies do not have a content calendar. Even if you have to build it out once a month, at least you have something to look at to perform your best.

Step 3: Write Data-Driven Headlines
Most people who come to your blog will read the headline, but not the rest of the copy - can you see why the headline is important? We are all busy and have other things to do besides read a blog post, therefore that headline needs to grab their attention and make them want to read more. Get data from others, talk about a personal experience you did, a reaction to a case study, give it a purpose

Step 4: Use Color Psychology to Get More Sales
Did you know that colors trigger our brains differently? Below is a simple breakdown of how colors make us feel. Check out color psychology for more information.
Red: Attention, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Interest
Ambition, Creativity
Brightness, Honesty, Clarity, Energy
Health, Nature, Money, Tranquility
Purpose, Peace, Transparency
Openness, Integrity, Sky

Step 5: Make Sure Your Data is Accurate
It takes time to build up trust, but only mere seconds for it to be demolished. Make sure everything you're putting in posts is accurate, that your opinions have been backed up. You want it to be a trusted source and one false article and it is game over. Don't forget to create data sources.

There is no shortcut or magic potion that is going to help you win the content marketing game, and data quality management is key. It takes research and hard work. If your posts aren't performing how you would like them to, try something else. Also, remember the best search results from blog posts are ones written with 1000-2000 words. If you do not have that much information, do not just use words to get there, make sure your content is relevant.  

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