How To Become Self-Employed

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Is the grind of your day-to-day, nine to five job beginning to take its a toll on you? Do you find yourself dreaming of something else wondering how it can be done? Don't worry babes, you're not alone. Going down the path of self-employment can seem hard and out of reach, but with a well-considered plan and realistic assumptions you can make it happen. There are so many different things to consider when you are thinking about taking the self-employed route, and I have listed somethings you should consider below.

You control the schedule. For many people this is a huge advantage to self-employment, you control when and where you work.

You are in control of what to do and what needs to be done. This is great for individuals who find themselves doing things at work that they have no idea why they are doing them. Of course, self-employment will bring on mundane tasks, but you define them and create the purpose behind them.

Loans. This is important, you want to make sure you have money and self-employed loans can be difficult to get, but not impossible. Making sure you've looked into this will not only provide you with help at the beginning but also throughout your self-employment journey.

Irregular pay. If you are one that likes to know how much money you're getting and when you're getting it, that's a little harder with self-employment. Some months you might be rolling in the money, and the next completely lacking it. This can be hard to adjust to, so you'll definitely want to make sure you can handle this.

You decide how much work you have. This may be good and bad, either you will end up overworking yourself, or not giving yourself enough work to survive.

Managing finances. Remember with a regular job, things like Medicare, Social Security, and tax deductions are handled for you. Once you become self-employed, you have to handle all of these things yourself, which means being educated and careful.

Personal productivity. You shouldn't adopt someone else's system, you should figure out what will work for you.

Sleep. We all need sleep, and being self-employed leaves a lot of openness to when you sleep and wake up, but to get the most out of your day having a set sleep schedule will help you live your best life and function day-to-day

Start living a little more frugally. For most people, the first thing you should do is to learn how to live a little more frugally. I am not saying to be a tightwad, but you need to take your savings into consideration.

Learn how to communicate and network. If I can tell you anything it's making sure you know how to communicate. You want to make sure you speak with confidence so you can successfully build relationships with others. There are plenty of online classes as well as podcasts that you can listen to, which will provide you with the skills you need in order to gain the skills you need to create strong relationships with like-minded individuals.

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