6 Things to Repair in your Home before it’s too Late

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There never seems to be enough time, especially when it comes to some repairs. Allowing this repairs to slide under the radar can just lead to more issues. A slight crack in the foundation, a water spot on the ceiling, a leaky faucet and more can all lead to something more and are definite signs you do not want to ignore. Today, I am sharing nine home repair issues that you do not want to ignore. That way that small problem doesn’t turn into something much larger and more expensive.

Concrete Cracks

A small crack in any type of concrete can quickly turn into something larger that could lead to a potentially hazardous situation, especially in the winter. If water seeps into a concrete crack, it could freeze and expend which widens the hole and can comprise the structural integrity of the concrete altogether. Repair cracks with a quick-setting filler to prevent tiny gaps from growing into a bigger repair bill.

Clogged Gutters

Don’t neglect your gutters! If your gutters are not properly maintained, water or ice damage may occur. If you notice your gutters or downspouts overflowing with leaves, that means they’re not draining properly and could use a good cleaning. A few hours of work is a small price to pay when you consider the expensive consequences of putting it off.

Wobbly Railings

Porch, deck or step railings that wobble can all lead to a terrible situation. Fixing a wobbly railing is quick and easy. Simply tighten screw or bolts. Eventually, the railing will give in, and if all you had to do was tightened a screw to fix a shaking situation wouldn’t that be worth it.

Water Spots

Did ignore that water spot on your ceiling. While it’s obvious that you may have a leak somewhere, sometimes the cause is not so obvious. You could be dealing with something much worse than just a loose shingle. At this point you’ll want to consider enlisting residential roofing contractors, a professional will be able to help determine what the problem is and how it can be solved. Getting someone out at the first sign will help save money in the long run on roof repairs.

Leaky Faucet, Running Toilet

Don’t wait! If you notice a leaky faucet or running toilet you’ll want you to address it right away. Not only is giving your systems a quick checkup good to avoid bigger issues. Not to mention, fixing a leak of any size can help save money on your water bill.

Screen Tears

Don’t wait on repairing holes, tears or punctures in a screen door or windows as soon as you spot them. The longer you wait the for the more likely it will be that you’ll have to replace the entire screen. Small holes can be sealed with clear nail polish or shellac, while slightly larger ones can be patched with an inexpensive kit or simply by cutting a piece of screen about an inch larger than the hole and gluing it in place.

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