Artificial Intelligence

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Do you feel like technology changes by the minute? We are creating an unprecedented amount of data on a daily basis. From social media to the digital footprint we are leaving on services such as a Fitbit or Netflix. Did you know that every second, yes every single second of the day 3.5 million of us are searching on Google. It’s simply insane. The growth offers new opportunities and brings on change, but are you fully prepared for change? Blake Rubin is a driving force in the tech industry. He believes software creating artificial intelligence will become a reality in the not too distant future – can you even begin to imagine that? His research and expertise on the subject have helped make major strides in the field.

Why does artificial intelligence even matter? Currently, artificial intelligence is being used to help with the development of new products such as apps, virtual assistants and even smart technology. Blake Rubin is working on the deep learning aspect. For instance, he takes numerous photographs of the same individual to determine if the computer can discern whether or not this is the same person. He’s ahead of the game with his data, and has realized what was considered impossible in the past is becoming a critical part of present and future technological advances.

After reading articles about artificial intelligence, it seems as though it’s going to rule not only our lives but the world as well. Machines are giving the ability to think in a similar way as humans but learn the same way as well. Being a computer they have the capability of learning at a faster rate of humans, and keeping a higher level of accuracy than any human could even be capable of. This means technology will become more knowledgeable, as time progresses. Currently artificial intelligence systems are designed to perform one task or maybe a general one. Once they have the language down, and we teach them what they need to do the advances that could happen are absolutely endless. Soon they’ll be acting just like a regular human. Having skills for artificial intelligence technology this year will prove that it’s a critical part to advance further technologically.

When it comes to technology the possibilities of what can be are endless. Back in the “olden days” computers could only connect to the internet – maybe if you had some money you could get a phone that could as well, but that was rare. Today most of us function daily on smart technology. Smart technology has paved the way and light bulbs, watches, refrigerators, thermostats, cars and more are connecting to the internet. How easy does smart technology make our lives, I mean all I have to do is say Alexa what is the weather, change this station… etc and what I want happens. As the year progresses there will be more advances in the smart technology realm.

How are you liking all the technology advances that have happened in the recent years? Do you feel overwhelmed or are you able to keep up with the ever changing technology?

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