Currently Coveting: Groupon

                                                                               This post is sponsored, however all thoughts and opinions are mine.

Pampering can come with a high price tag, that’s why I turn to Groupon to try and find a deal. Groupon has saved me money on restaurants, workout classes, massages, events and activities. The first time I tried Groupon I was actually shocked at how much money I could save when it came to eating out and getting a massage.

Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons tend to be my favorite, without Groupon I would never be able to afford attending Barre, Yoga and Bootcamp classes. My bff lives four hours away, and whenever she comes in town we always like to try a new activity and workout class. Last weekend she was in town and we went Groupon nuts and got a buy one get one massage, buy one get one at a trampoline house as well as half off nails. With us being able to use Groupon for our activities while she was in town we were both able t save money, which of course gave us extra money for a trip to the mall for some new shoes.

Have you tried Groupon yet? If so what are your favorite Groupons to get?

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