Spring Flower Arrangement

While at Trader Joes this weekend I picked up some tulips and got a little create with the presentation. The peas actually create a chic look since the peas look like pebbles.

Spring is Here

Just a friendly reminder when the snow melts and the temperatures rise get your dogs back on their flea and tick medication. I get the best deals at PetCareRX.

DIY: Easter Egg Door Hanger

I love to adorn my door with a festive wreath that coincides with an upcoming holiday or season. While roaming around Etsy a few weeks back looking for wreath inspiration I came across a lot of wooden hand painted door hangers, and thought I would create one for Easter. Here’s what I did:

You will need:
Anything in a (...) is where I bought my supplies from
Smooth faced plywood (Home Depot)
Jigsaw (Home Depot)
Paint brush (Joann Fabric)
Acrylic Paint (Joann Fabric)
Frog Tape (Home Depot)Picture frame hanger (Home Depot)
3M hook (Home Depot)
Ribbon (Sam's Club)
Step 1: Trace an egg shape onto your wood, and cut it out using a jigsaw.
 Step 2: Paint two coats of white acrylic paint onto your egg.
 Step 3: Tape on a chevron design (I used Frog Tape to prevent bleeding colors).
 Step 4: Using a paint brush paint two coats of each color. Remove tape immediately.

 Step 5: Attached a picture frame hanger.

Step 6: Create a bow and hot glue it to the top of your wooden egg | bow tutorial.

Step 7: Attach a 3M hook to your door and hang your egg.

Jack's Favorite: Etsy Pet Shops

{Dudiedog Bandanas}
handmade in the
Yorkshire Dales

Recently I discovered what a great resource Etsy is for pet products. I have been searching for some cute accessories to get Jack for Easter, and have a whole list of shops. What are some of your favorite pet Etsy shops? Here are some of my favorites:
 {Vivichi Dog | Bow Tie Collar}

{Vivichi Dog | Flower Collars}

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast pizza is the meal I usually make when my parents come to visit or other special occasions like my birthday yesterday. All you need is Flatout thin crust (you'll want to heat them at 350 for about 5 minutes), breakfast gravy (I made a McCormick packet), hash browns (I cooked ones from the frozen food section), scrambled eggs, Canadian bacon, green pepper and cheese. It's simple to make but time consuming.
 {heat Flatout crust for about 5 minutes at 350}
 {prepare the scrambled eggs, gravy, Canadian bacon + green pepper and hash browns}
 {Spread a thin coat of gravy on the wraps}
 {add some hashbrowns}
 {scrambled eggs}
 {green pepper + ham}
{and cheese - heating at 350 until the cheese melts}

Birthday Cake Sugar Scrub

Last week I ran out of my favorite sugar scrub exfoliator, and when I realized the brand had gone out of business I decided to make my own. The ingredients are amazingly healthy for your skin, and sure to make it glow. I recommend making my Whipped Coconut Body Créme to go with it.

Birthday Cake Sugar Scrub
1.5 cups sugar (I used organic cane sugar)
3 tablespoons extra virgin refined coconut oil
¼ cup almond oil
20-30 drops of your favorite scent (I used birthday cake)

1. Whip your coconut oil using a mixer until it turns into “fluffy frosting”.
2. Add sugar and almond oil mixing until combined.
3. Add in your scent; mix well.
Scrub should be wet and thick add more coconut oil or sugar as needed.
4. Add sprinkles.
5. Place into a container of your choice.

Review: Healthy Dogma

{Bow Tie collar by our friend Varvara of Vivichi Dog}
As someone from Michigan I am a big believer in supporting Michigan made products. Recently I discovered Healthy Dogma offering healthy treats, and supplements made in Michigan (Lake Orion to be exact) for you dog.
 Jack put Blissful Banana Crisps and Peanut Butter recipe Barkers to the test:
Blissful Banana Crisp: Bananas and coconut oil are the only ingredients in these treats. Jack loves bananas so these quickly became one of his favorite new treats. 
Peanut Butter recipe Barkers: What dog doesn’t love peanut butter? These treats have no additives or artificial flavors, plus you actually understand all the ingredients used in the product. These are a great alternative to Milk Bones that have a ton of crazy ingredients in them.

Perfecting Omelette's

I’ll admit when it comes to cooking eggs my specialty is scrambled it’s an easy and effortless breakfast. However after living in Pittsburgh for three years I learned the secret to creating the perfect omelette, and they’ve now become a Sunday morning tradition. Here to creating the perfect omelette: 
Prepare the ingredients. Eggs cook quickly, so it is best to cut up all of your ingredients prior to cooking.
Crack the eggs into a bowl. Using a fork beat until the eggs are completely mixed. Skip the salt and pepper and add a teaspoon of dark brown sugar (the secret ingredient).
Spray your skillet with a non-stick cooking spray and heat over low heat. Pour in the eggs, making sure it spreads evenly over the pan. Cooking until firm enough to flip over with a spatula.
As soon as you flip the egg add your fillings on half of your egg (I used Canadian bacon and green pepper).
Top with desired cheese (I used sharp cheddar). Use the spatula to gently fold over the remaining half of the egg onto the filling, cook for one minute, place on your plate and enjoy.

Embellished Cuffs

{I made the Sequin Hanger, if interested in buying one please inquire!}

Currently embellished cuffs are all the rage and you can find them at leading retail stores. However with price points of $150 or more I decided to DIY my own this weekend.

• Plain long sleeved sweater, blouse, jacket or anything with a cuff
• No sew fabric glue
• Embellishment trims*
1. Lay out your sweater (or whatever cuffed piece you are using), and iron the sleeves if they’re not flat.

2. Measure the amount of embellishment you will need and cut it so it’s the perfect size for your cuff.

3. Using no sew fabric glue, you want to carefully (this glue will show up on your clothing) dot it on your embellishment in small sections.

4. Continue dotting on glue until you reach the end of your cuff.

5. Allow the no sew glue to dry for at least 24 hours.
• You can buy the embellishment trims from Joann Fabrics by the yard. Try studs (very trendy right now), sequins, ribbons and more.
• You can also sew on your embellishment.
• If you do not have a seam line for your cuff you can tape off the portion you are adding your embellishment to so you have a finishing spot.