Five Things my Must Haves

Let's face it floors are gross and handbags are expensive.... at least mine are any way. I don't want my gorgeous bag to collect germs so I always have my Clipa attached to my handbag. Ladies the Clipa can hold A LOT of wait this is definitely a necessity.
{isABelt the virtually invisible belt}
isABelt is the greatest belt creation ever. I promise! I think it's a must have in every ladies life and is a great fashion fix-it accessory. isABelt is a strong and thin flexible clear plastic belt which basically disappears when you wear it...bonus! The belt gives you the assurance that your pants are not going to fall off, but also prevents back gap (thank goodness), slippage and the bulk of a regular belt.
During the summer and the winter are skin gets dehydrated easily. Especially this frigid weather is killing my face. However it takes glowing and hydrated with Dermalogica's Ultracalming Mist.... I keep a bottle with me to give my face a pick me up.
If you want to have a perfect bronze smokey eye this is a MUST HAVE product. Flawless gorgeous bronze smokey eye every time.

{Kiss Ever Ez False Lashes}
My lashes are already pretty full when I add mascara however with these bad boys they really make my eyes pop. I was suppose to have a picture but failed being able to take one of myself... sorry!

What are your must haves?

P.S. Kate may have had to wait 8 years for Prince William to propose, but she didn't have to wait long to inspire a nail polish.
No More Waity Katie is from Butter London and will be available in April. It's a glittery mauve shade, which to me doesn't seem to fit Kate at all. I get the whole glitter and princess, but it just doesn't seem like her. Any thoughts?

Give your lashes some Va Va Voom!

 We all want those beautiful luxurious lashes like the celebrities have. For most of us the best lash extension and full mascaras don't come close to giving us the chic Hollywood lashes. So let me ask you this have you ever considered false lashes? I know sometimes the prices are a bit out of budget for that one time look. MAC sells lashes for $14. While in college my BFF use to spend $50 on falsies! That better be an amazing date that you are on to be spending that much on lashes.
LADIES listen up! I have found gorgeous falsies on the cheap! Kiss(yes the nail brand) now offers Ever EZ Premium Eyelashes with Application Strings for.... are you ready for it... $3.99!!!! I know I almost fainted as well.
Let's talk lashes! Like I mentioned above Kiss now offers Ever EZ premium eyelashes with application strings which allows for a faster and more precise glue on experience. You'll be getting the same quality as lashes such as MAC and Makeup Forever for just a fraction of the cost! Really you can't beat that!
Above are all the lashes that Kiss Ever EZ offers. I think X03 would be amazing for a fun night on the town! Which lash is your favorite?

So let's talk about how to apply these gorgeous lashes. 
1. You want to apply the glue to the lash base and let set for about 30 seconds. Blowing on the lashes will help. 
2. Hold both side of the lash with the string applicators as close to the lash as possible, and place on the eye-lid along the natural lash line. You will want to allow this to set so before you pull the string off you'll want to repeat this step with your other eye. 
3. Once your lashes are dry and secured in place you will want to hold and squeeze the lashes firmly between your thumb and index finger push in lashes and gently grab one of the strings and pull. Repeat with the other side of your eyes and then with your second eyelash. 

You will now have the perfect VA VA Voom lashes!

A Few things I have learned about false lashes....thus far
• Most eyelash glues are extremely gloppy and you have to use a Q-Tip to apply them.  Not to mention they have a really nasty ordor. Not fun! 
HOWEVER Kiss 24 hour Strip Eyelash Adhesive is AMAZING it is latex and odor free plus waterproof.... let's face it the water works do happen sometimes.
• Keep some liquid liner handy. This will allow you to fill in any areas where you can see tiny slivers of skin between your real and fake lashes.

So ladies do you think you'll be batting your lashes with some falsies anytime soon? Stay tuned for Friday's post if you want to see how the lashes look on me! 


Home Decor

So I have been looking for some new items to decorate my home with. Here are just some awesome items I came across on the Pottery Barn website. What's your favorite store to find home decor items?


California Cheese Soup

California Cheese Soup
1 can cream of potato soup or cream of mushroom
1 bag California blend vegetable (broccoli, carrots and cauliflower)
1/2 cup- 3/4 cups 75% reduced fat Cabot Sharp
1/4 cup - 1/2 cup 50% Reduced Fat Cabot Cheddar

Bring your cream of soup to a boil. Add in your bag of frozen California blend vegetables. Cover and cook on low until the vegetables are tender. Turn off and add cheese.

Five Things

{feminine nail polish collections. Zoya Intimates and Color Club Ulter Ego}

{bangs especially wispy ones like Reese's}

{Peach Leopard Brightening & Perfecting Bronzer}

{pretty little liars}

{luscious lashes}

The red carpet

Who did you think was best dressed?

Five Things: What I am lovin

{statement headbands}

{the fact that glee has a nail polish collection from Sephora by OPI}

{Pinks new CD}

{Plump Potion by Physicians Formula}

{all the pink items in stores for Valentine's day}

Does anyone know where I can find candles like this?