Friday Favorites 2.5.21

Friday Faves

Welcome to the first Friday of February! Despite being single, Valentine's Day is my absolute favorite - I love, love. You can imagine my excitement when February 1 arrives and I pinkify my life. Last week seemed to be in slow motion as if it would never end, and this week actually cruised right on by. I am excited to report that we did get a decent amount of snow last night that does allow for winter activities. That being said it is frigid outside and beyond windy, therefore I don't know how long I will last outside. You can follow along on Instagram to see what Jack and I are up to this weekend. 

Let us take a peek at this week's favorites: 

I am OBSESSED with the Selk'bag! It is a sleeping bag that you actually wear out in public, and I can't think of anything better for Michigan winters. In all honesty, I think I visit the Selk'bag website daily haha. 

Winter bonfires, especially snowy ones are my favorite. I recently stumbled across Wolf'em Sticks which is said to be the ultimate roasting tool with double rotary handles, marshmallow/hot dog cooking fork, and a bonus biscuit roaster - sounds like a bonfire must-have! 

Back in December, I posted about my excitement for the upcoming movie LAND, which will be released next Friday, February 12. Last night I had the opportunity to screen the movie early and I LOVED it! Stay tuned today for a full review (and I will link it here). If you are outdoorsy it is definitely a movie you do not want to miss. 

Sweeten the deal this Valentine's day with a candy board! I made this adorable Valentine's Day Charcutier Board

Looking for things to safely do this month? I shared 28 things to do in February on the blog. 

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