Why Sell on AWS Marketplace?

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In 2012 Amazon Web Services formed AWS Marketplace, a one-stop place for finding an application that operates on AWS. You can find anything from business software to developer tools and more on AWS Marketplace. The internet store quickly became one of the fastest-growing services of AWS Marketplace and is also where you will find the lastest technology partners. 

AWS Marketplace has quickly grown since it's humble beginnings. Are you thinking is this something I should be on? I am sure you must have some questions - right? I bet they include, how does this AWS Marketplace work? What will I find on the AWS Marketplace and can I try AWS Marketplace b efore I commit (the answer is yes, by the way).  I am answering all those questions, plus I am breaking down the details and why you must sell on AWS marketplace.

What's AWS Marketplace?
AWS Marketplace is the online store the Amazon Web Services formed for customers to compare, find and begin using the services running on AWS. Visitors can use AWS Marketplace for one-click deployment to launch the software and pay for what they have used per hour or month. AWS handles payments and billing to make things easier for you.

It's easy to shop AWS Marketplace
Any customer with an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account is able to shop the AWS Marketplace. The process is quick and easy and offers a seamless experience.

What will you find on the AWS Marketplace?
1. Developer tools
Developer tools include, but are not limited to issue or bug tracking, source control & testing, and monitoring.

2. Software infrastructure
Software infrastructure is made up of security, migration, OSes, and big data applications.

3. Desktop software
Desktop software can include Microsoft Windows desktop applications for the accounts payable and billing, encoding, and media, project management, as well as various other Windows applications

4. Business software
Business software includes business intelligence, collaboration, and e-commerce to recovery.

How does the AWS Marketplace work?
Customers will need to pick a preconfigured software that they'd like to buy. This can be launched immediately by using 1-Click Deployment - which offers the same experience as Buy Now available on Amazon.com

Who sells AWS Marketplace software?
The vendors on AWS Marketplace are members of AWS Partner Network. This includes independent vendors, resellers, and more.

Why sell on AWS Marketplace?
You already know and trust Amazon, why not take it to the next level. They make sure that sellers are using best practices and ensure that they keep products not only up to date but virus-free as well. Amazon bills for the software purchases and manages payouts to its participating vendors. 

For example, when the AWS customer buys any vendor software, the cloud provider adds this cost to the customer's AWS bill. The sales will apply a variety of costing models which includes free, monthly and hourly usage-based billing. AWS charges seller fees as per the pricing model which the vendor selects. The best part - you can try before you make a commitment. 

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