12 Things Women Should Know About Firearms

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According to recent studies, the number of women with firearms is growing by leaps and bounds in the United States. So, what is the number one reason for this increase? You guessed it, protection. Whether you're a woman who owns a gun or is one looking to purchase a firearm, there are a few things that you should know. 

12 Things Women Should Know About Firearms

1. Purchase a firearm that is a popular make and model. It will be easier to find a gunsmith capable of making repairs and handling customized requests. 

2. Practice makes perfect. Don't limit your practice to only shooting a piece of paper under perfect conditions. Take classes that will challenge your shooting skills in high-pressure situations. Until your adrenaline is pumping and your brain is feeling scrambled, you'll never know how you'll respond in a life or death situation. Join the classes that will challenge you, not the ones that make it easy. 

3. You can never have too much ammo. One or two people can shoot through 100 rounds or more during single target practice. 

4. Just because you're a female don't fall into the trap of buying the smallest gun at the store. Something a little larger will actually offer a more comfortable shot as well as better accuracy. 

5. Your safety is YOUR responsibility and not someone else's. 

6. You should know how to properly clean your gun. This includes dismantling it and putting it back together. 

7. If you aren't comfortable with guns or you've never been around them before you can always take a class. The instructor will help get you comfortable with firearms and make sure you know the proper way to handle them. 

8. When you're at the range, be sure that you're practicing rapid firing. If your life is ever on the line and your only choice is to draw your gun, in most cases the best tactic will be multiple, rapid shots. Which they will teach you how to properly do in a class. 

9. Don't forget about a holster. You want to make sure that you have a convenient and comfortable way to take your firearm with you. WTPH holsters are always a good option.

10. If you decide that you want to carry your handgun concealed, you want to make sure that you practice drawing it from its holster and/or from its concealed location. And then practice another two hundred times. Maybe even take a class that would put you in a high-pressure situation and practice drawing it. 

11. If you're uncomfortable around guns, or they aren't possible and/or desirable in your circumstances you should come up with a Plan B. You could keep a baseball bat in an easily accessible location or a can of powerful pepper spray in your purse. Whatever your choice, always be aware of the location of your weapon, practice using it, and be comfortable if you ever have to use it one day. 

12. Just to put something into perspective, law enforcement officers are said to miss their target in a shooting confrontation about 70% of the time. Evaluate your situation, be willing to back down, run or call for help. Your goal is to survive and not showoff. 

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