Five Things

With a blink of an eye, September has arrived. On Tuesday I shared 30 things to do in September, and all of the ideas can be done at a safe social distance from others. Week 24 of quarantine has concluded, and with us entering September I am so excited to see what fall brings. This year may be nothing like I had planned, but it's everything I needed.

This year I booked my very first Airbnb trip. You see, I am typically a hotel girl, but with COVID-19 creating a pandemic I haven't felt safe in a hotel and thought I would give an Airbnb a try. Since this year is like no other, I planned a glamping trip, and let me tell you spending a few days hanging out on the 45th parallel was just what I needed. Here is a peek at my week, stay tuned next week for the 411 on my amazing trip north - including the details on the cute retro glamper I stayed in. 

{Discovered gorgeous trails}

{got a super cute new bracelet, that gave me all the adventure vibes}

{I just couldn't resist this level of cuteness}

{Eating all the veggies}

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