Five Things

Today is day 42 of quarantine for me and the end of week six. The governor of Michigan is expected to extend the stay-at-home order until mid-May, but some stuff may open up May 1st. This week has been an absolute roller coaster for me. On Wednesday I lost my job and had to file for unemployment yesterday. This is the first time in my life that I have had to do that as well as the first time I have been released from a position. It's a hard time, but I am going forward with a positive attitude because I know I have skills and will get something when the time is right. Aside from the loss of my job, Jack and I have been getting out to do a little adventuring early in the morning before people are out, I made the DoubleTree Signature Cookies (they're amazing), finally made the no-knead bread that everyone else has been making and celebrated taco Tuesday with homemade fish tacos - that's right I actually cooked fish. If you're in need of a mask, and like me want something cute I highly recommend Zaley Designs. She also makes super cute dog collars and leashes! The masks are absolutely amazing, I could NOT blow out a candle while wearing it and wore it grocery shopping on Monday. I hope you're having an amazing week and enjoy your weekend! Follow along on Instagram to see what I am up to all weekend long.

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