Alphabet Dating: Winter Date Ideas From A-Z

If you aren’t a fan of winter, know that you are not alone. Don’t get me wrong having all four seasons in Michigan is fantastic, and while I do love snow - I absolutely hate driving in it. Not to mention, winter makes it hard for anyone to get motivated. Since winter has arrived I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share winter date ideas from A-Z. This list is jampacked with plenty of ideas from comedy shows, to quickies a progressive dinner and everything in between. Looking for more ideas? Check out A-Z Summer Date Ideas and A-Z Fall Date Ideas.

A - Arcade, Art Gallery, Airbnb
B - Bowling, Bookstore, Bed & Breakfast

C - Comedy Show,
D - Dance Class
E - Early Bird Specials

F - Fondu

G - Game Night, Go-Karts
H - Hockey Game
I - Ice Skate

J - Junk Food
K - Karaoke, Kickbox

L - Live Show, Laser Tag
M - Massage
N - Netflix, Nerf Gun War
O - Opera
P - Progressive Dinner
Q - Quickie
R - Random Acts of Kindness, Roller Skate
S - Staycation
T - Trivia

U - Use a new ingredient in a recipe

V - Vacation, Volunteer
W - Walking Tour
X - Xtreme Sports
Y - Yaktrax it up and go on an ice adventure
Z - Zoo


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