How To Build Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

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Anyone in the business world knows that the key to the success of their company is all in the customers. Short term goals are to win the customer, while the long-term goal is to create loyalty so they come back for years to come. Marketing and sales efforts are critical when it comes to getting customers' attention. If you are able to keep the client/customer right off the rip, this will help you reduce the amount of money you spend on PPC and acquisition over time. 

Getting someone to be a customer for life, does not have a secret sauce. It takes trial and error, however in a quickly changing world technology is available to help you increase your customer database without a lot of dirty work. Leverage tools, gadgets, widgets, and strategies to meet your customer's needs, and help you stand out from the rest of your competition.  It is no longer as easy as producing a great product or reliable service, keeping a customer for life goes beyond the transactional experience.

1. Do not alienate users
From automated responses and voice-recorded messages to chatting with AI, many of these tools are fantastic - however, people like to talk to people. Having automated systems will make your customer become frustrated and ultimately this could lead to you losing the customer altogether.  I once called Comcast and wanted to flip out. It took me 45 minutes to get a human on the phone - that's ridiculous. The automated system was unable to help me and solve my problems, and I ended up getting more frustrated as each moment passed. When the person got on the phone with you I knew right away they did not want to be on the phone, which made it very difficult for me to get anywhere. Having a system where your customers can talk to real people makes things simple, offers less frustration and is a great way that you can actually retain that customer. Customer success software will help you be successful with your customers and their needs.

2. Actively listen
Active listening is a skill that can be acquired and developed with practice. What does it mean to actively listen? It means that you are fully concentrating on what is being said, rather than just passively hearing the message of the speaker. Active listening is something most people preach is one of the essentials in a relationship, but you should make sure this is a skillset that you do not just use at home, but at work as well. Yes, it is important to quickly respond to your customers, however, this does not mean you need to do all the talking. Express regret if they are experiencing an issuing, and give them the ability to explain to you what that issue is.

3. Streamline the experience
A good customer experience doesn't need to be complex. As a matter of ffact, ometimes this has a negative effect which is not what you are going for. Be sure that you are taking a careful look at your business processes and seeing what you can cut out in order to be able to directly address your customers needs.


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