Will Tuck for Tacos

How did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? I may not drink, but I still hit the barre (pronounced "bar") for a Tuck and Tacos Pop-Up event at my gym. I personally love taking themed workout classes. So you know I couldn't miss one that was perfectly themed for Cinco de Mayo, including a pinata.

Barre is a combination of ballet, yoga, pilates and strength training. During most classes you will use a yoga mat, light weights, gliding disc, resistance bands (booty bands) and more. You do a lower number of reps in a shorter range of motion to create a burn that will build muscles and endurnace, while torching calories. Before you begin a class you'll have a chance to select the weight you want. While those three-pound weights may look puny to the eye, you'll be surprised at how heavy they feel after a minute of continuous exhausting movements. 

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