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Are you financially savvy? When you have a job that doesn’t pay you as well as you would like it to, sometimes it makes it hard to be financially savvy. However, there are some habits that any woman can pick up to help them have financial success. Here are 9 habits that will help you get your finances sorted out.

She knows what her income is

How much did you get paid last year, month, a week? Do you earn money from shares or interest accounts? If so, do you know how much? Do you sell things on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace? Did you keep track of that amount? A successful woman knows exactly how much money she has earned and where that money comes from. She makes sure every cent she earns is working as best as it can for her. Knowing where the money has come from leaves no surprises.

She has savings

A successful woman has savings and contributes to it regularly. She knows the importance of a backup plan, and that things can unexpectedly happen. That being said she keeps at least $1000 in a rainy day fund for emergencies that may come up, along with an account that she may only contribute $25 a week, but it’s something and it’s better than nothing!

She never lives a Chanel lifestyle on a TJ Maxx budget

A successful woman never lives on credit. She doesn’t purchase things above her means, and certainly does not live a Chanel lifestyle on a TJ Maxx budget. She is motivated by actual wealth and knows that means more than a dollar figure in her bank account. Anything she truly desires, she saves for.

She avoids unnecessary expenses

A success woman knows that she can easily save $25 a week if she made her coffee at home instead of picking it up at Starbucks on the way to work. She buys her favorite shampoos and conditions on sale, as well as makeup. She knows the best day to fuel up her car is on a Tuesday, because that's when gas is the cheapest. She always pays her bills on time so she never has to pay late fees. She doesn’t have to live a frugal life and eat ramen noodles every night, she does, however, need to be smart and savvy about the financial choices she makes. 

She knows that just because she can afford it, doesn’t mean she should buy it

A successful woman knows that just because she can afford a new Apple Watch, coffee every day, that new Chanel handbag or other lavish items that it doesn’t necessarily mean she should purchase it. We all should have bigger ticket items that we should treat ourselves every now and again. However, these are occasional calculated expenses and should not be impulsive purchases. A success woman uses these big-ticket items as rewards for reaching goals she has set for herself

She knows all of her expenses

A successful woman never pays late fees, because she is organized and knows when and what things are due. She knows her rent is due at the first of the month and has budgeted for it, she knows that her water bill is due in a week and has money set aside for it. She avoids nasty financial surprises that may pop up because she has budgeted that too. She also knows that automating her bills is the cheapest and most efficient way to do things.

She budgets
A successful woman understands that even with a stable paying job expenses change, and she budgets for that. Electricity, water, gas, grocery, travel…. Etc are all items that can change at any time. One week you may fill your gas tank up and it costs you $30, while the next week gas goes up and it’s now costing you $65. Sure, you can’t budget that exact amount - - but you can make sure you have extra money budgeted for circumstances like this.

She pays for things with cash

A successful woman pays for groceries, food, coffee and more with cash. I know, I know this may seem completely crazy especially in a day where we rely on our charge cards. However, our charge cards allow us to swipe and spend limitless amounts of money. Whereas with cash we can only spend the amount of money we have with us. Only have $50 for groceries this week, no problem! Look through the ads to see what is on sale and meal plan for the week based on sales. Grocery shopping for basics at stores like Aldi can help save you hundreds of dollars in a year. 

She pays off her most expensive debts first

A successful woman knows how much her debts are costing her, and pays off the most expensive ones first. I know, this might go against the gain of what you have been taught or heard people say - - however, a successful woman looks at her debts to see which is costing her the most. The one that costs the most should be eliminated first to help her reach financial freedom.

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