Quick and Easy Apple Cider Donuts

Can you believe it, Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I know, I can't either. When I lived in Pittsburgh (Canonsburg to be exact), I met an amazing couple who taught me how to do some serious cooking. One thing that Barb taught me to make was quick and easy donuts. No joke, these donuts are so simple to make they're perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas morning and even if people just randomly stop by.

All you need is Pillsbury Grands Flaky Rolls and oil.
To make:
1. Open the Pillsbury Grands Flaky Rolls.
2. Cut out a circle in the center.
3. The centers can be fried up as donut holes.
4. Heat oil to 350 degrees.
5. Cook in the oil until each side is golden brown.
6. Place on a cooling rack.
7. Serve warm.
Can be reheated for 7-15 seconds in a microwave.

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