Restaurant Review: Olga's

Growing up the only time I ever ate at Olga’s was if I was at the mall. Since then most Olga’s Kitchen’s have moved out of the malls, but you can still find an Olga’s in random shopping plazas. If you’ve never been they have the BEST pita bread and it’s vegan too. This weekend we were trying to decide what we could go grab for a quick meal. Neither of us have had Olga’s in awhile so we decided to go. Of course we had to start with Original Snackers – these are a must, if you’ve never had them before I highly recommend giving them a try. We both ordered the same pita sandwiches except mine was grilled chicken while his was fried. All in all the meal was good. Olga’s is a great place to go if you want something fast, easy and delicious.

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