The Wonderful World of What If

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I am not the, what if girl…at all. I never ask what if I get on a boat and something happens to the driver, how will I be prepared in this situation. I am the free spirit, live in the moment type and when a problem comes to light I work through it. I mean really, why create a problem that doesn’t exist? I’ve recently been through into a dumpster packed nice and tight with a ton of “what if” situations. While yes some situations make sense, others just become overwhelming. The “what if” situation takes the fun, mystery and adventure out of life – at least in my mind it does. However, I guess it’s good to be faced with those scenarios, especially personal injury ones. What if I am walking Jackers and another animal attacks one of us? Then what? How about I am driving along and someone smashes into my car and says they didn’t see me there. However like the tree across the sidewalk next to me we have both been firmly planted in the same location for longer than either of us wants to admit. Even worse, nursing home abuse – when I think about this it really freaks me out. One of my friend’s grandpa was in a nursing home, whenever he would go visit his grandpa would be sitting or laying in soiled drawers. Not just for a small amount of time, long enough that the urine had actually burned his skin. Remember as we get older our skin cells become weaker and are more susceptible to things that wouldn’t be while we were in our 20’s. When all this goes down who will you turn to, who will be on your side?  Will you have lawyers ready to fight with you to get you what you deserve? Will you turn to KF&B to fight for your rights? What will you do? Eeeks this girl who is so against being a what if just completely what if-ed sceneries, but seriously it could happen and then what? If a problem arises will you have found someone that makes your problem their problem? I never thought it would be important to have someone in my back pocket, but I am learning that it is critical to be prepared for the worse. Isn’t the saying when you’re prepared nothing will happen? Do you remember when everyone was evacuating Florida last year because of the insane hurricane that was going to touch down and create all sorts of insane havoc? One of my friends had made fun of her hubby for being prepared for a zombie apocalypse. I’m talking he had clothing, food, flairs, safety gear…etc etc packed and ready to go. When they found out that their city needed to be evacuated they were the first ones out of town. They didn’t have to wait and pack, because they were already packed. Extra gas, no issues as he got new stuff every couple of months. That’s the kind of prepared we all need to be, and what I need to work towards.

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