55 Days Until Memorial Day

Anyone else focusing on that beach bod? In just 55 days it will be the unofficial start to summer. Kind of scary, but it gives me plenty of time to get my body ready for sunny days on the beach and of course A’s boat. Since I really like seeing what workouts others are doing and what they’re eating, I thought I would pay it forward and do the same. In an effort to not turn my blog into a health zone, I am going to stick with posting the health and fitness aspect of my life each Tuesday (which is what I have been doing for the past couple of years now). If you want to see what I am eating daily, how I am meal prepping, my workouts and more head over to my fitness account on Instagram.

Goals for the next 55 days
Drink at least 65 ounces of water per day
Focus on eating clean
Meal prep
Workout at least 6 days a week
Focus on my core
Build a more round and firm booty
Limit sugar intake
Avoid processed foods

Working out at home takes discipline, and while I am capable of working out at home I just don’t push myself like I should. Therefore, I committed the next three months to an all babe studio, and I am hoping to get some killer results. I took pictures this morning and will post before and after at the 55 day mark.