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Have you ever dreamt of being an entrepreneur? I know that I have. When I was younger I wanted to be a fashion designer, I dreamt of designing the chicest clothing for petite framed girls. The clothing would be paired with matching accessories – headbands of course as well as handbags. I am 4’10” so finding clothing that actually fits me properly is nearly impossible, and that’s why I wanted to come up with my own company and brand. I even spent months perfecting designs, doing research and more. Kate Spade and Lilly Pultizer easily became my clothing idols and inspiration. That dream eventually faded and as I got a little older I wanted to own a cutesy cupcake shop. Before I was born my family owned an ice cream shop, which I always thought would be neat to own, but with Michigan’s bi-polar weather that just didn’t seem like it would be the right move for me. I continued to push my passion towards creating a cupcakery. At the time cupcake shops were not a thing, however soon they popped up everywhere with Sprinkles leading the way. Now you’ll find cupcake bakeries in nearly every town, but it seems as though the trend of cupcakes is disappearing and the trend of cookie dough bars is now popping up. While becoming an entrepreneur is something I still think about, I am content working for someone else at the moment. I know a lot of you reading this are dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur and I honestly give you so much credit. There are so many inspirational entrepreneurs out there that prove when you hustle hard your dreams can come true. Whether you want to start a real estate agency, marketing firm, a place to get your car fixed and more – there are plenty of sources online to inspire you such as AdrianRubin LLC  is proof that with hard work and hustle you’ll get to where you want to be. A couple years ago I held a position in a real estate office, and heard agents speak of Adrian Rubin LLC, not having a clue who the company was I did a search, only to discover that this real estate development firm had a reputation unmatched, and was known all over the country. In this Adrian Rubin  interview you’ll  get the scoop on his brand, company and how he got to where he is. Who is your entrepreneurial inspiration? Have you read any books that have inspired you and you think I should check out?

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