Kalu Yala

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Ready, set… let’s jet set! Raise your hand if you love to travel – yup me too. I love checking out new places, going on adventures, meeting new people…etc etc. The truth about Kalu Yala is that it is currently nothing more than pastures set between two rainforest covered ridgelines which form a seven thousand acre river valley that is only accessible by two miles of rough dirt road. Sounds like it could be the perfect adventure if you want a taste of the rainforest, and have a wanderlust adventure attitude. The goal is to dig into volcanic soil and build a small settlement. With this endeavor brings Kalu Yala problems – since building the world’s most sustainable town there is the need to engage shareholders and homeowners in the creation of something that will bring a great good to the people of the region. Kalu Yala critism allows you to see what is being said about this project, and you can also learn about their alternative study abroad program with distinct focus on learning-by-doing. This project allows you to live (seriously living in the rainforest how much fun would that be?), studying as well as designing projects within the sustainable modern town that will be nestled in the tropical Panamanian jungle. How much fun would it be to take your passion into the real world, spend time in the rainforest and do some good. It’s not often that opportunities arise where you can take your wanderlust adventurous side and get to work on creating something for the good in a gorgeous rainforest setting. The truth about Kalu Yala is they want you to explore they want to bring out your exploration side so that you can grow more than just your basic everyday life skills. This endeavor is something that can teach you more than any classroom can as it’s so hands on. As mentioned above I am definitely a little wanderlust, I love discovering new places, and what is that new place of discovery is something that you help create from the ground up – I mean what an amazing feeling that would be to know you did something for the greater good that will make a difference in thousands of peoples lives – I think that in itself is one of the greatest journeys you could go on. Not to mention can you imagine the gorgeous travel pictures you’ll get and the unique sights you’ll see.

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