Polish Village Cafe

A and I were talking a few weeks back and he found out I have never had a pierogi before – yes I realize I lived in Pittsburgh, however I never had one the entire time I was there! This resulted in him making us pierogies, salad and potatoes for dinner (he’s a really good cook – like really good ladies!). After dinner he told me he wanted to take me to a restaurant in Hamtramck to try out “real” pierogies (not ones from the freezer that he cooked). So of course after an event one night we made a stop at the Polish Village CafĂ© in Hamtramck. Since this was my first time ever going to a Polish restaurant he made sure to order us the essentials to share, which included dill pickle soup, pierogies and potato pancakes. As someone who LOVES pickles, I was a huge fan of the dill pickle soup. Since I have now tried Polish food, what should I try next?

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