Home Cooked: Chinese Food

Have you ever met someone that raises the bar on the dating norm? I know that I did, and the sad thing is – he thinks he’s just like everyone else. In reality he isn’t at all. How many guys do you know that actually will invite you over for homemade dinner or open your door – no not just the door to a store… the car door. It's a unique trait that a lot of guys really don't have anymore, while there are so many traits about him that are amazing, I’m going to start with dinner at his house. While I enjoy eating out with him and trying new food and restaurants (we’ve been to some really neat places), there is something about dinner at home that just makes my heart melt – especially with him. Our first time eating together came as a challenge, I was willing to help in the kitchen as well as do the dishes… something that he wasn’t used to. After a few conversations, and homemade meals together we’ve discovered that we work really well in the kitchen and delegating needs is becoming a natural habit. Our recent dinner date had a Chinese theme, which included egg drop soup, spicy chicken, rice and you can’t forget fortune cookies. The meal wasn’t entirely homemade, but it was delicious and nice to spend time in the kitchen with him making something we’d both get to sit down and enjoy. So, let me ask you this: would you rather eat out with your guy or have a (semi) home cooked meal with him?


  1. My boyfriend and I like to eat out and also to cook together - we usually cook on Sunday nights. Re: your recent Brussels sprouts posts, I just found an amazing recipe for that that I want to try (Kung Pao Brussels sprouts, on Delish.com) so I'm thinking we will try it this Sunday. :)

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