Five Things

discovered amazing macarons at For the Love of Sugar

Hey babes! Happy Friday! Hope you have some seriously fun plans this weekend, I am hoping my boyfriend wants to go out on the boat this weekend and we can get me swimming! What are your weekend plans?

 went to a Made in Michigan event at Kroger and discovered Marcia's Pickled Munchies and absolutely fell in love - best pickles ever.
 started to work harder on my body.
 got this super beyond adorable monogrammed raincoat c/o Perfectly Personal.
took my dad to go see Wicked - which is my favorite musical.

Chasing Shooting Stars

This weekend was the Perseids Meteor Shower, I kept tagging my boyfriend in notes about it on Facebook saying we should go check them out. He’s currently working on his Masters (#Goals), and has been incredibly busy trying to get his final exam finished. However, with everything going on he made it a point for us to drive out of the city and into the country to see the shooting stars. Neither of us thought this whole going to chase shooting stars thing through, as we packed NOTHING that would make this trip easier. Even though we were winging it, the trip turned out to be amazing. We did it Sunday night and stayed out until about 11:30 since both of us would have to work in the morning. That night was more than I could ask for; we saw some perfect shooting stars, including ones that left a trail in the sky. It was so nice to experience that with him especially since around this time last year we were Chasing the Northern Lights together. I love that he is willing and even likes doing these things with me, I couldn’t ask for a more amazing guy in my life. I can’t wait for our next moonlight adventure; hopefully it’ll involve a bonfire on the beach.

Restaurant Review: Mexican Village

I never thought I would meet someone who loved Mexican food as much as me, but I definitely met my match. My boyfriend gets Mexican cravings, just like I do. He also knows of some really delicious Mexican spots. Actually, little fact... my boyfriend is AMAZING at finding us restaurants to try together. A few weeks back he was sick, and I was trying my best to take care of him, making sure he was eating, staying hydrated, taking it easy...etc. When he was feeling a little better we decided to get carry-out from Mexican Village. The portions are insane, both of us really should of just split a meal. I ended up getting the Fajitas, which were delicious I might add. While he decided on the Arizonian which came with 1 Beef Chimichanga, 1 Beef and Cheese Burrito, 1 Flour Beef Taco, 1 Beef and Cheese Enchilada as well as Rice and Beans. We both really enjoyed our meal and will definitely be going back.

Crazy Sexy Confident: Positive Affirmations

I recently launched a Crazy Sexy Confident challenge; if you missed it you can check it out here. For myself personally, I discovered that positive affirmation is incredibly important to me. However, if I wanted others to say positive things to me – I needed to start saying them to myself. You see, this is a huge struggle for me. I grew up being extremely overweight; when I went to college I dropped a ton of weight and have all the stretch marks and battle scars of my past visible all over my body. From elementary to high school I was bullied, and came home every single day (not even kidding) went in my bedroom and cried until eventually I would fall asleep. College changed all that, and no one has bullied me since I left high school behind… except for myself. That’s right, I am my own worst enemy and talk horribly about myself. You’re fat, ugly, stupid, not good enough, etc are all things I taunted myself with on a daily basis. This was something that was incredibly important for me to overcome if I ever wanted to have the relationship that I have always wanted. I started to work really hard on being positive and encouraging with myself. The difference it has made is incredible. I wanted to share with you some of the positive affirmations you will find on my mirror and desk, maybe this will help you become crazy sexy confident and start loving yourself the way you should. Let me know what you have on your mirror.

You’re beautiful.
You are what someone looks forward to.
I am not my mistakes.
You’re talented.
I believe in you.
Faith over fear.
You’re sweet.
I am strong.
I deserve love.
I am enough.
What I give is what I receive.
You’re are stronger than the girl that walks away.

Flint Repertory Theatre

Another positive change comes to Flint, Michigan. For over 60 years, Flint Youth Theatre has proudly served young people and their families, and today it takes a bold new step to offer more to all ages by transforming into the new Flint Repertory Theatre.  This name change will go into effect immediately.  Starting with the coming 2018/2019 season, a major expansion of the depth and breadth of its programming, as well as its mission, will position it as a professional, not-for-profit regional theatre.

“We are extremely proud of the work we’ve done over the past six decades with the support of our generous donors and the Flint Institute of Music, of which we are a part. We are now in a position to expand and serve more people in our community and in southeastern Michigan,” said Michael Lluberes, Producing Artistic Director, Flint Repertory Theatre. “We have an exciting new commitment to provide highly imaginative, thought-provoking theatre that is challenging, entertaining and inspiring for all ages. We look forward to our future and to enriching the lives of those who share our passion for the performing arts.”
Flint Youth Theatre, a true community treasure, will be under the new banner of Flint Repertory Theatre – or “The Rep.” It will become a program of The Rep’s Education Department and will present student driven productions that perform at the theatre and tour to local schools and community organizations.

Expanded Programs at The Rep
One of the biggest changes at The Rep will be expanded programming for adult audiences. The new “Signature Series” will offer a professional season of diverse plays and musicals. The 2018/2019 season titles will be announced on August 22 at The Rep’s Season Announcement Party:
Additionally, The Rep will considerably expand its commitment to develop new work for the stage. The newly created “Flint Rep Lab” will offer studio space and other resources to playwrights, composers and directors to workshop new plays and musicals. The Rep will expand their “New Works Festival” to establish a hub for creating original theatrical work that can only be seen in the city of Flint.  After a successful inaugural festival last season, the second annual “New Works Festival“ will be a three-day presentation of staged readings and workshops of world premiere plays and musicals with discussions between playwrights and audiences. 

A multitude of new opportunities for professional theatre artists will be offered with the broadening of these programs.
The transformation to Flint Repertory Theatre will also create more options for those interested in learning more about what goes on behind the curtain or perfecting their craft on stage.  An expanded alliance with the University of Michigan-Flint will provide theatre students an array of apprenticeship opportunities.  Additionally, The Rep will now offer professional fellowships and adult classes.

Continuing Programs at The Rep
            The Rep will continue to offer shows for the entire family under the “Theatre for Young Audience Series” which will present the best and brightest in the genre, including world premieres and wonderful re-imagined classics. 
            The popular “Learning Through Theatre” school matinee program will also continue to provide thousands of students from Genesee and surrounding counties with free or highly discounted tickets to The Rep’s Theatre for Young Audience shows.
Year-round education classes, camps and workshops for every grade level will also remain a part of The Rep’s offerings.

About Flint Repertory Theatre
            Originally founded in 1957 as Flint Youth Theatre, the new Flint Repertory Theatre – also known as “The Rep” – is a professional, not-for-profit regional theatre located in the heart of Flint, Michigan.  It is a program of the Flint Institute of Music and its mission is to provide the city of Flint and surrounding communities with highly imaginative, thought-provoking theatre that is challenging, entertaining and inspiring for all ages.
Along with a season of professional works and an annual festival featuring new work, The Rep offers educational programming for all ages.  Facilities at The Rep include Bower, a 300-seat proscenium theatre; Elgood, a 150-seat thrust theatre; two rehearsal spaces; and, scenic and costume shops. 
Funding for The Rep is primarily through individual and corporate donors including Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, James A. Welch Foundation, Whiting Foundation, Bower Charitable Trust and The Community Foundation of Greater Flint Endowment.
            For more information about Flint Repertory Theatre, please visit
            Follow Flint Repertory Theatre at:
Facebook: FlintRepertoryTheatre
Instagram: @FlintInstituteofMusic
Twitter: @FIM

Made in Michigan at Kroger

this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own

When it comes to grocery shopping I am definitely a Kroger girl. One of the big reasons is they are a huge supporter of Made in Michigan products. As a Michigander I always try to support local before I buy something made out of state. On Saturday the Kroger in Royal Oak hosted a public made in Michigan event. Throughout the store there was over 40 local vendors sampling their products. Here's a look at some of my favorite vendors at the event....

313 Urban Chips, are hands down the best tortilla chips I have ever tasted.

 Better Made Potato Chips are a Detroit classic that pair perfectly with Faygo pop.

 Blake's Cider offers apple cider, hard ciders and more.

Sander's Bumpy Cake is the best bumpy cake you'll ever taste.

Chuck and Dave's Salsa is now my go-to salsa. This amazing salsa tasted like it was fresh right from the garden.

Cooper Street Cookies are actually good for you!

Dave's Sweet Tooth Toffee will not stick to your teeth and will have you wishing you bought more than one bag.

ESCH Road Foods has fantastic preserves I loved the Cherry Raspberry.

Faygo pop is a Detroit classic and I am definitely a Rock & Rye girl.

Guernsey's is home of some of the best dairy products including regular and chocolate milk as well as ice cream.

Jen's Gourmet Dressings are a new favorite of mine - the flavor of the Sweet Poppy is unreal.

Kroger Dairy, you have stolen my heart. This french onion dip is hands down my absolute favorite.

Lush Gourmet offers some delicious that are handcrafted in small batches.

Lush Yummies offers Lemon Butta Pies, that are literally to die for.

Marcia's Pickled Munchies, is now my new favorite pickle brand, seriously the Sweet n Sassy ones are AMAZING!

Michigan Farm to Freezer - LOVE this. Michigan is home to some amazing fruit and being able to buy it year round definitely makes me so happy!

Murray's offers not only delicious cheeses but amazing wild blueberry preserves.
Pop Daddy, anyone else obsessed with kettle corn - if so Pop Daddy has the BEST!

Pure Michigan Honey, I used honey as a sugar substitute and find that Michigan honey taste better than any other states.
Safies, this state has a serious love for pickled anything and this company doesn't disappoint.
Scotty O'Hotty has the hot sauces you've been dreaming of your whole life.
Steve's Mediterranean goods make all your Mediterranean dreams come true - hello amazing hummus.

Zingerman's now has potato chips and nuts that you can buy right at Kroger.

Broadway Review: Wicked

this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Come with me to the Detroit Opera House, there's something exquisite you'll want to visit before the days through. WICKED is the musical that I recommend anyone and everyone goes to see. I will never forget the first time I saw WICKED, I had just turned 21, and we were in Chicago on a college trip. The show was amazing, the sets and costumes were flawless. Between then and now I have seen WICKED numerous times, however the Chicago viewing still stands out in my mind. Thursday changed that. I took my dad to see WICKED, you see when I mentioned it I thought he would say no. However he agreed to go immediately - he used to be in musicals in high school so of course he has an appreciation for the theatre. This was his first time seeing the show, and he absolutely loved it and was living the moment that I lived the first time that I saw the show. This musical is one you want to see with your parents, your friends, your significant other... anyone. The current cast is absolutely amazing. Mary Kate Morrissey plays Elphaba and Ginna Claire Mason plays Glinda and let me tell you these girls have some serious pipes and absolutely rock their roles! WICKED is in town performing at the Detroit Opera House through September 2, make sure you check it out!

Restaurant Review: bd's Mongolian Grill

this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

As someone who is a huge fan of stir fry and fajitas, you can imagine my love for Mongolian Grill. Currently Mongo has a Fajita Fiesta going on with new Southwestern flavors and let me tell you, they're amazing. Have you ever tried Mongo's appetizers before? You can create your own trio, or get them individually. I was a huge fan of the Crab Rangoons (seafood and cream cheese filling wrapped in a crispy wonton and served with sweet chili sauce. The Egg Rolls were also really good - especially loved the Asian dipping sauce, but my favorite was the Jalapeno Mozzarella Sticks - paired with their homemade ranch dressing. Make sure you don't skip dessert the Fried Oreos are worth every deep fried bite - you also get a scoop of hot fudge and a scoop of vanilla ice cream with them.


Hey babes! How is the Crazy Sexy Confident Challenge going for you? Are you seeing changes and starting to love yourself more? I know I am! If you're following along with the challenge you know one of the activities on the list to accomplish is trying a new workout class. I rocked out during my workout, when I attended my very first POUND class at ZellaDor.

What is POUND?
Instead of just listening to the music POUND immerses you and allows you to channel your inner rockstar with a full body cardio-jam session, that will have you dripping sweat as you have fun playing the air drums with your Ripstix (lightly weighted drumsticks). Designed for all fitness levels, POUND gives you the opportunity to let loose and rock out. Both men and women are invited to join the workouts.

I really loved how high energy the class was, the instructor definitely makes a difference and Andrea killed it! Oh, and just so none of you feel bad - I threw a Ripstix straight across the room...yikes!