Restaurant Review: O.W.L.

I have a weakness for hole in the wall dive places, especially irresistible ones like O.W.L., which is located on Woodward in Royal Oak. O.W.L. offers quick serve Mexican-America food, and a small but delicious menu. The boy and I enjoy trying out new places together – and I think he equally enjoys taking me places he’s been to that are amazing (I guess I’ll find out if he reads this and tells me no he doesn’t haha). We decided to share two dishes: Mahi Mahi tacos, which were on special that day and Cilantro Potatoes, Texas Toast and Habanero Bacon. The food was absolutely delicious; I especially liked the tacos (this was my first time trying Mahi Mahi). What’s the name of your favorite dive restaurant in your city?

Five Things

 {Jackers is loving on the snow, and I am loving my new mittens}

Happy Friday, loves! This has been an absolutely exhausting week, but it was filled with a lot of fun and amazing experiences, which included dinner with the boy and some of his work family (really liked that he invited me out with them), media days at the North American International Auto Show, seeing the Bodyguard (absolutely amazing show that I highly recommend checking out). This weekend I will be checking out the fire and ice festival in Rochester and hitting up the slopes for my FIRST ski lesson – what are your weekend plans?

{Betsy and I got Legoized at the NAIAS}

{Heather & I split calamari at the Ghost Bar inside the Whitney}

{We saw The Bodyguard - absolutely amazing}
{Graham cracker crusted french toast from Hudson Cafe}

NAIAS 2018

The North American International Auto Show has touched down in Detroit, and I recently had the opportunity to check it out for media days thanks to A Girls Guide to Cars.  If you’re attending I highly recommend visiting Ford, because they have some super fun activities for you.  Don’t forget taking a trip to Jeep, that new Wrangler is gorgeous – I would love to hit the trails with it and dirty it up. Here’s a peek into what I saw…..

Restaurant Review: Chartreuse

A couple months ago we checked out Chartreuse before a broadway show, and since we had such a great experience there we decided to eat their again before a show downtown. You can see our first experience here.
I highly recommend making a reservation for Chartreuse as the restaurant tends to be packed as soon as it opens up. This restaurant is designed for you to share the food so of course we ordered a few dishes. When it comes to food we are pretty adventurous. His motto is he will always try things twice, so it brings a unique balance to the table.  We both agreed that we liked the food better this time around, maybe it’s because we were a little bit more adventurous and understood the restaurant a little better this time. Definitely recommend checking out Chartreuse if you haven’t before. 
So what did we eat?
Bread N’ Butter (I forgot to get a picture)
max’s sourdough selection (one was plain and the other had raisin) with herb butter (so good).
Waygu Beef TarTare
avocado, chili mayo, scallion and homemade tortillas
first experience with tartare and I actually really liked it a lot.

  Roasted Carrots
pumpkin, radish, roasted onion, tarragon, yogurt, granola
the carrots were a variety of colors, and this was probably one of my favorite dishes
  Berkshire Pork Tenderloin
rosemary apple, parsnip, maple
really liked this a lot
Key Lime Pot De Crème Michigan blueberry, graham cracker, sea salt chocolate bar

Winter Adventure

Recently, we went on a little mini road trip/adventure – in the frigid -20 with windchill weather, but let me tell you it was ridiculously fun. To start the day I was kind of feeling blah, and discouraged about a lot of things, after our little adventure I couldn’t stop smiling – it was absolutely amazing and gave me all the feels. You guys, he can even keep pace with me. Seriously, never did I think this day would exist.

USA Michigan Mittens

Anyone else super excited about the winter Olympics?  My favorite events are skiing, snowboarding and speed skating. The last time the winter Olympics came around Canada had the CUTEST mittens in the universe, I was completely jealous of how chic they were – especially since the USA didn’t have anything cute. MichiganMittens actually came out with USA mittens, and they are amazing! They’re super warm, adorable and MADE in the USA! So head over to Michigan Mittens and get yourself a pair of mittens and get ready to root on team USA with me.

Five Things

 {still loving the popcorn train}

Happy Friday, loves. Second week of the year is done, and I must admit I am so excited for this fresh start – not to mention the year is actually off to a marvelous start and is so much more than I ever imagined it would be, especially with how 2017 ended.  Here is what I have been up to the past week….
{snowy adventures with this guy}
 {the lake is getting a bit jammed up}

 {tried perogies for the first time}
{the ice has been crystal clear and gorgeous}

2018 Winter Activity List

Going to college in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I quickly fell in love with winter, and all nature has to offer. Fast forward to the present, and I dread winter. In Michigan it’s always gloomy and gray and driving in the mess just gives me all sorts of anxiety. Winter depression kicks in and I find myself spending more time indoors wallowing than outside having fun. This year I am making it a point to get the most out of winter and have as much fun as possible. A huge helping factor is the guy I am dating runs at the same energy level as me and gets my sense of wander and adventure so we always have a ton of fun together which should hopefully rub off during the dreariest months of the year. Here are 9 things I want to do/try this winter. What’s on your list?
1. Ski or Snowboard
I have never tried either before, and have always wanted to. I am really hoping this is the year I finally try one or the other. Bonus the boy loves going – so hopefully he’s willing to help me through it.

2. Cross Country Ski
I haven’t done it since college, but it’s something that I really would like to get out and do again.

3. Snowshoe
Snowshoeing is one of my favorite winter activities, it really allows me to get out there and explore the snowy terrain.

4. Hot tub in the snow
Seriously, so much fun and calming.

5. Head up north to check out the ice caves, ice balls, pancakes…etc.
The great lakes produce some serious amazingness in the winter.

6. Go tubing
Great way to get out and have some innocent fun.

7. Fat bike in the snow
because who wouldn’t want to bike in the snow?

8. Ride a snowmobile
Haven’t been on one in awhile and would just be fun to get out and see some new scenery.

9. Go ice skating
I’m not a great skater, but I love going and it’s always such a good time.

Home Cooked: Chinese Food

Have you ever met someone that raises the bar on the dating norm? I know that I did, and the sad thing is – he thinks he’s just like everyone else. In reality he isn’t at all. How many guys do you know that actually will invite you over for homemade dinner or open your door – no not just the door to a store… the car door. It's a unique trait that a lot of guys really don't have anymore, while there are so many traits about him that are amazing, I’m going to start with dinner at his house. While I enjoy eating out with him and trying new food and restaurants (we’ve been to some really neat places), there is something about dinner at home that just makes my heart melt – especially with him. Our first time eating together came as a challenge, I was willing to help in the kitchen as well as do the dishes… something that he wasn’t used to. After a few conversations, and homemade meals together we’ve discovered that we work really well in the kitchen and delegating needs is becoming a natural habit. Our recent dinner date had a Chinese theme, which included egg drop soup, spicy chicken, rice and you can’t forget fortune cookies. The meal wasn’t entirely homemade, but it was delicious and nice to spend time in the kitchen with him making something we’d both get to sit down and enjoy. So, let me ask you this: would you rather eat out with your guy or have a (semi) home cooked meal with him?

2018 Health and Fitness Goals

Goodbye 2017 and hello 2018. A new year means a new opportunity to reach the goals that you want to achieve and this year I am really going to focus on it being my best year yet. I am not setting resolutions, because to be honest they set me up for failure, however there are some goals that I want to achieve and I thought I would share them with you. Here are 11 of my fitness and health goals for the year, please feel free to share yours with me as well….

Eat clean
Limit sugar
Hold a plank for 2 minutes
Run a race on my birthday
Cook more meals at home
Meal prep, and actually eat the food prepared
Eat more fruits and vegetables
Take workouts to the next level and work on abs and booty gains
Try one new workout a month
Spend as much time outdoors working out

Southeast Michigan Indoor Activity List

Winter doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck at home, there are plenty of fun indoor activities to do in Southeast Michigan. Here are a few of my favorites:
Visit the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center
last Wednesday of the month free admission 6-8pm

Check out Cranbrook Institute of Science
first Friday of the month free admission after 5pm

Head over to Belle Isle and visit the Aquarium, Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory and Dossin Great Lakes Museum.

Visit the Detroit Historical Museum

See amazing artwork at the Detroit Institute of Arts
free for residents of Macomb, Oakland or Wayne counties

Tour the Cranbrook Art Museum

Head to Hitsville USA
Michigan Science Center

Get a unique putt-putt experience at Putting Edge
Go climb at Planet Rock
Play games at C.J. Barrymores
Visit the Sealife Aquarium at Great Lakes Crossing