5 Tips to Consider Before Purchasing a Car

this is a sponsored post. all thoughts are my own.
Beep Beep! This girl wants a Jeep. Buying a car is supposed to be fun and exciting, but often times it can be stressful without the proper planning and research. I am currently boy band fan girl-ing all over the Jeep Wrangler, and while I have been talking about it with people there has been five tips that really have stuck out in my mind when considering a new car.

1. Research - seriously critical, I tend to buy things based on if it's "cute" or not - however when it comes to buying a car it needs to have a little bit more of a requirement than just cute. Lately I have been on Cars.com looking at a variety of cars that I would otherwise not see if I was just driving around.
Somethings to think about:
How many seats will I need?
Is it affordable?
What is the mileage like?
Is it practical for my lifestyle?
Is it practical for where I live?
If buying used has it been in an accident before?
If buying used how is the mileage.

2. Budget
I know I mentioned this above, but knowing your budget is critical. Remember buying a car does not just include the car loan, you need to afford gas, insurance, oil change and other maintenance as needed.

3. Test Drive
Much like dating from a surface level the car might be everything you want... tall, dark and handsome.... however when it comes down to it how comfortable are you in this vehicle, how does it handle...etc. These are things you'll only learn by test-driving the vehicle.

4. Pre-approval
Credit unions tend to have better loan rates, so it's imperative for you to find the car loan that is going to fit you. Also make sure you in fact get a loan before you get your heart set on a car you may or may not be able to afford.

5. Used
While we all like new things, sometimes the better deal is a used car, so never rule that option out.

Do you have any car purchasing tips?


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