27 Things to Do by the End of Summer

In my mind Memorial Day is the kickoff to summer, that being said over the weekend I compiled a list of things that I want to do before summer ends. What’s on your summer bucket list?

1. Have a bonfire at the beach (Seriously cannot believe I have never done this!
2. Go on a spontaneous adventure
3. Try kayaking for the first time
4. Go camping
5. Watch a movie outside
6. Play bocce ball
7. Enjoy as many sunsets as possible
8. Visit a random garage sales
9. Take a workout class on the beach
10. Host a Sunday brunch
11. Watch a storm roll in
12. Pack a picnic and head for a park I’ve never been to
13. Standup paddleboard
14. Hit up a baseball game
15. Go pick fruit and make jam
16. Give back and volunteer
17. Discover nice new patio spot
18. Get lost in the woods
19. Go for a hot air balloon ride
20. Fall asleep under the stars
21. Take a boat out onto the lake
22. Hit the trails for a bike ride
23. Go to the zoo
24. Attend a baseball game
25. Get food from a food truck
26. Hit up a carnival and ride the ferris wheel
27. Enjoy an outdoor concert