Giddy Up - Horse Racing

Place your bets! I recently ran a 5k at the Hazel Park Raceway, which of course led me to wanting to go watch a horse race. Since temperatures are dipping low this is the last weekend for the raceway, therefore I made sure I went this past weekend to bet on the ponies. Since this was my first time EVER at a horse race, and betting on the ponies, here are some things I learned:
What I learned at my first horse race:
1. They are nothing like what you see at the Kentucky Derby – everyone wears jeans.
2. It’s an awesome place to hang out with friends, have a date night or host a birthday party.
3. Straight wagers are the easiest. Win (the horse that will come in first), Place (horse that will come in first OR second – payout is less), Show (horse that will come in first, second OR third – payout is substantially less).
4. What to say to the teller:
• racetrack & race number
• amount of your bet
• type of bet you’re placing
• horse’s number (do not say the name, they will get MAD)
example: Hazel Park Raceway, race two, $2 to win on #6
5. How to pick the winner – you will get a program and it will tell you where they think the horse will place. I’ll be honest I picked based on how cute a horses name was and/or if it had a girl jockey.
6. You don’t have to bet on every race.
7. Set a budget and bring cash in that amount.


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