Adventures in Cider Mills

Cider and Donuts is a quintessential part of a Michigan fall. Over the past couple weeks I headed to four different cider mills around southeast Michigan in order to see who had the best cider and donuts. Without a doubt Yates came in first place -  my thoughts and results are below….

Apple Cider
Blake’s: Really good. 4.5/5
Franklin: Disgusting. 0/5
Westview: Pretty good. 4/5
Yates: Absolutely amazing! 5/5

Hot Apple Cider
Yates and Blake’s won by a landslide. The addition of mulling spices was a lovely change. 

Blake’s: Mulled hot cider with really good flavor. 5/5 

Franklin: Apple cider just heated up. Was not a fan at all. For a cider mill that’s supposedly rated the best it was absolutely awful. 0/5

Westview: Apple cider heated up. Their apple cider isn’t amazing, but it wasn’t horrible. 3.5/5 

Absolutely AMAZING and my favorite. They actually make mulled hot cider and the flavor is out of this world.  5/5

Blake’s: Loved they while they were hot – not as much of a fan when room temperature 4/5
Franklin: Insanely greasy and has a weird texture 0/5
Westview: Way too big, but pretty good overall 3/5
Yates: Perfect size and amazing taste 5/5

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