Gifts for the Workout Enthusiast

As someone who runs a race a month and works out six days a week I had so much fun creating this gift list. Here are some of my favorite items for the workout enthusiast.

Gifts For Him

I don't know about you, but I think guys are nearly impossible to shop for. So here are some of my favorite ideas for the guy in your life.




Pie Time

Pies hold a special place in my heart. When I lived in Pittsburgh my neighbor taught me her secret recipes for peanut butter, coconut cream and chocolate pie. With everything I have going on this year, I simply do not have the time to make my own pies, so I’m relying on Achatz Pies. For the past few weeks I have been test tasting there pies and I decided on three I’ll be bringing to my families Thanksgiving: Michigan 4 Berry, Cherry and French Silk. What’s your favorite pie?

Pictured Rocks

A few weeks ago I headed to one of my favorites spots in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan - Pictured Rocks. The trees were just starting to change, and Lake Superior was graced with the prettiest blues and greens.

November Bucket List

As much as I adore summer, I love fall the most. There’s just something about the color change and crisp air that makes me fall in love with each moment even more. While you can find my fall bucket list here, I decided I wanted to do a month-by-month bucket list. So here’s what’s on my list for November:

Attend a Friendgiving
Bake a pumpkin pie from scratch
Take my Christmas card picture
Check out the street art in Detroit
Go for a hike
Attend a Christmas tree lighting
Run a Turkey Trot

Adventures in Cider Mills

Cider and Donuts is a quintessential part of a Michigan fall. Over the past couple weeks I headed to four different cider mills around southeast Michigan in order to see who had the best cider and donuts. Without a doubt Yates came in first place -  my thoughts and results are below….

Apple Cider
Blake’s: Really good. 4.5/5
Franklin: Disgusting. 0/5
Westview: Pretty good. 4/5
Yates: Absolutely amazing! 5/5

Hot Apple Cider
Yates and Blake’s won by a landslide. The addition of mulling spices was a lovely change. 

Blake’s: Mulled hot cider with really good flavor. 5/5 

Franklin: Apple cider just heated up. Was not a fan at all. For a cider mill that’s supposedly rated the best it was absolutely awful. 0/5

Westview: Apple cider heated up. Their apple cider isn’t amazing, but it wasn’t horrible. 3.5/5 

Absolutely AMAZING and my favorite. They actually make mulled hot cider and the flavor is out of this world.  5/5

Blake’s: Loved they while they were hot – not as much of a fan when room temperature 4/5
Franklin: Insanely greasy and has a weird texture 0/5
Westview: Way too big, but pretty good overall 3/5
Yates: Perfect size and amazing taste 5/5

Preppin' Ain't Easy

Take a healthy approach to November with a Turkey Trot! This year my BFF and I will not only be participating in our first Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, but it’s also our first 10k!

How to Prep For A Turkey Trot
Turkey Trots happen all over, just look and find which one is closed to you and sign up ASAP. We signed up in September to prepare ourselves for it. The one we are doing in Michigan comes with a T-Shirt and a Medal.

Convince friends, family or a significant other to race with you. It’s awesome motivation when you don’t have to run alone!

A little prep never hurt. Running a 5k or 10k add a walk or light jog to your schedule to help you through the race.

The outfit. I don’t know about you but we’ll be throwing something super cute together for our Turkey Trot, check out a sneak peek with the tutu tutorial tomorrow!

Day of…. Eat a light, healthy breakfast. We like a banana to prevent cramping and yogurt or eggs.

We’ll be keeping you updated all month long on how we’re doing with the race and we hope you’ll join us in running a Turkey Trot no matter where you live!


Zoya recently released Matte Velvet their winter/holiday collection. The collection channels my childhood where the holidays consisted of velvet dresses and my braid or ponytail adorned with a velvet ribbon. The collection consist of six glitter matte polishes – so let’s check them out….

Amal is a classic Christmas red with ruby red glitter.
Sue is a champagne cream with flecks of pearl and gold glitter that’ll have you ready to top the cork

Aspen is a sparkling arctic white with diamond pearl flecks.

Iris is a deep purple with subtle flecks of pink glitter.

Honor is an emerald green with complimenting glitter.

Yves is a cobalt blue with complimenting pearl glitter.

Overall the collection is stunning and definitely houses the perfect shades to get you through the next two months.


Halloween is probably my least favorite, but this year Halloween presented plenty of cutesy vibes.....