Zoya Summer 2015: Island Fun & Paradise Sun

Zoya’s summer collection was recently released and they’re taking summer hues to a whole new level with the release of Island Fun (creams) and Paradise Sun (glitter). I am not sure how I feel about this collection. It's not the normal bright from summer colors instead they are more towards muted fall tones. Individually the colors are gorgeous as a collection they don't seem to make sense for summer. What do you think?

  Cecilia is a showstopping teal crème.
  Demetria is the perfect summery tomato red
  Jace is a granny smith apple green
  Nana is a jeweled raspberry

  Talia is an ocean blue
Serenity is a dusted purple
Aphrodite is a tomato red with flecks of metallic gold and fuchsia

Genesis is a creamy sparkly white
Isa is a purple shimmer metallic with flecks of blue and purple sparkle
Mae hot pink metallic with silver and pink shimmer

Oceane is an electric frosted sea blue with matching glitter and silver flecks.

Selene is a glittery emerald green

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