Sweat Your Story

{photo credit: GracedByGrit Instagram}

In honor of International Women's Day GracedByGrit launched their #SweatYourStory video campaign, which is all about pushing past the gritty moments, because ultimately, those moments are what give you grace.

"GracedByGrit is a company that creates workout gear for women that's designed with a purpose, made of functional, yet luxurious fabrics and most important, makes you look and feel good. From land to sea, their multi-purpose apparel is graced with endless possibilities."

I have never been the "skinny girl" if I even think about a cupcake I gain five pounds. So everyday I have to work hard to sweat my story. Currently for me this includes waking up at 5:30am and heading to the gym for a two hour sweat session before I head off to work. I have created a routine that will help me reach that goals that I want to achieve. Favorites include strength training, yoga, pilates and barre class.

I'll be hitting the trails with Jack today, how will you #SweatYourStory?

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