Questions To Ask On A First Date

There’s really no better time to ask questions than on a first date. Here are some of the best ones I’ve been asked:

1. Who would you want to play you if there was a movie about your life?
It’s a light hearted fun question and actually my favorite.

2. Do you like animals?
Keeps the date from feeling like an interrogation.

3. What sports teams do you follow?
Low-pressure question, you could find out he’s in a summer softball league or he was the star football player in college or never misses a Tigers baseball game.

4. Have you traveled anywhere recently?
Does he like to head to Miami to party or visit Europe and sightsee?

5. Do you like what you do?
Asking about his job allows you to assess his financial stability, plus if he is unhappy that will show in other aspects of his life.

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