Flag On The Play

You’re getting to know a guy, he seems like the whole package and suddenly there is a flag on the play.  Are you in any of these situations? If so, you should probably run.

Lack of sleepovers. Ummm, hello cuddling is key. He may be avoiding the sleepover to keep you at an arm’s length. Spending the night is an easy route to couplesville.

Never go out. Are you always stuck staying in at his house or your house? There’s probably a reason for it.

Makes suggestions as to how to improve your looks. Giving unsolicited advice in the looks area is a real sign someone wants to control you.
The instant boyfriend. A guy who’s moving too fast often has less than pleasant reasons for doing so.

He doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends. If it’s been around a month of seeing each other and he’s weird about you meeting his friends it could be cause for concern.

He talks down to you. If he’s mean, his jokes cut like a knife, he’s rude – say see you later. He’s not worth it and he’ll never change.

Girlfriend status refusal. You spend almost every night together, and you don’t see how he could have anyone else on the side

He’s always busy. If you can only get a hold of him when he wants you to, it’s probably a sign.

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