First Date Mistakes

First dates are enough to send anyone into a panic attack. Will he like you? Will you like him? Did you wear the right outfit? Are you talking too much or too little? Before, your date, take a deep breath, calm your nerves and remember to smile. Here are five mistakes you don’t want to make on the first date.

Pre-dating. Ever looked up your date online (Google or social media) before meeting them? Not only does it increase the risk of you canceling it can mess with potential chemistry that naturally develops.

Not preparing for the date. It’s important to look and feel your best on a first date, which means you need to prepare a little. Have your outfit picked out ahead of time. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get where you’re going, park and prepare yourself mentally for the date. Remember you want to put your best self forward.

Leading with physical. If you come off as too physically available, he will be thinking about getting into your pants instead of about a long-terms relationship with you.

Put your phone away. It’s inconsiderate to take calls or text. Period end of story.

Don’t talk about your exes. Your date does not need to know the deets about your break-up, divorce, child support or custody arrangements.

Miracle Soup

I made the decision that 2015 was going to be my year. One huge aspect was I want to get in the best shape of my life…. not for anyone else, but for myself. That being said my aunt turned me on to Miracle Soup. The soup is great for weight loss as it takes more calories to burn than it yields. While it’s not the “secret” to weight loss it did help me jump start year in a healthier direction.

Miracle Soup
3 cups water
2 cups V-8 juice
1 large onion
1 green pepper
3 celery stalks
5 carrots
1 can diced tomatoes
2 cups shredded cabbage
dash of garlic powder
dash of pepper
dash of red pepper flakes
½ teaspoon basil
dash of salt
1 teaspoon dried oregano
½ envelope dry onion soup mix

1. Place all ingredients in a large pot.
2. Let simmer for 20 minutes.
3. Enjoy.

Giveaway: Move Nourish Believe

I am a huge advocate of writing daily goals or to-do's down. It just helps me accomplish them better when I can visually see what I have to do. I recently received the Lorna Jane Move Nourish Believe Diary and not only does it give you a monthly and weekly calendar to write in your daily events, to-do's and workouts, but it's also filled with recipes, inspiring words and workouts.

The MNB Lorna Jane diary is currently on sale for half off! Get yours here!
5 Ways To Inspire Your Active Life in 2015
1. Set daily or weekly goals. They're easier to accomplish.
2. Try out a new workout class.
3. Give a new recipe a try. I'm gonna giv LJ's Heart 'Beet' Brownies a go.
4. Wake up each morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself you're beautiful.5. Make an inspiration board of what you want to achieve in 2015.

{weekly calendar}
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Workout challenges keep you inspired to become more active and achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.
 {cooking tips}
 {positive messages and inspiration}
Have you checked out Lorna Jane's clothes yet? If not, you definitely have to! Lorna Jane releases 70-100 new styles a month, so there is always something new to inspire your to move. Not to mention the clothes aren't just for the gym, they're so trendy you can wear them on the street too! Over the weekend I went to a Fire & Ice Festival and wore the outfit above. I received so many compliments on how cute my pants were.

{hands down the cutest workout pants I own}

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This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Lorna Jane.

SinfulColors: Flirt With Hearts

SinfulColors released their Valentine's collection, and I am absolutely smitten. The collection is made up of eight hues which includes a classic reds, pinks and surprisingly teal. Not to mention the cutest topper in the universe.... Love Sprinkles! This is definitely a striking collection and I am swooning over the pinks.

24/7: muted bright pink.
Daredevil: perfect pink with a pearl finish
Decadent: deepened red with a metallic touch
Dream On: boysenberry shade
Go Go Girl: candy apple red
Love Sprinkles: topper with flecks of glitter and hearts
Pinky Glitter: bright pink with plenty of sparkle
Rise and Shine: teal

{Love Sprinkles - my fav}
{Pinky Glitter}
{24/7 with Love Sprinkles}

Flag On The Play

You’re getting to know a guy, he seems like the whole package and suddenly there is a flag on the play.  Are you in any of these situations? If so, you should probably run.

Lack of sleepovers. Ummm, hello cuddling is key. He may be avoiding the sleepover to keep you at an arm’s length. Spending the night is an easy route to couplesville.

Never go out. Are you always stuck staying in at his house or your house? There’s probably a reason for it.

Makes suggestions as to how to improve your looks. Giving unsolicited advice in the looks area is a real sign someone wants to control you.
The instant boyfriend. A guy who’s moving too fast often has less than pleasant reasons for doing so.

He doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends. If it’s been around a month of seeing each other and he’s weird about you meeting his friends it could be cause for concern.

He talks down to you. If he’s mean, his jokes cut like a knife, he’s rude – say see you later. He’s not worth it and he’ll never change.

Girlfriend status refusal. You spend almost every night together, and you don’t see how he could have anyone else on the side

He’s always busy. If you can only get a hold of him when he wants you to, it’s probably a sign.

Burn Time

Last Wednesday I went and saw American Sniper (fantastic movie by the way) with a friend. While we were waiting in line for popcorn I overheard a girl saying that she didn’t want anything from the concession stand especially since a small popocorn with butter would take her 140 minutes on the elliptical machine…. WHAT! At that point I probably should of stepped out of line and passed up on the popcorn, but moderation is key… right? When I got home I looked up common “junk foods”, the calorie counts and how long it would take to work it off. Let me tell you it really put things in perspective for me.

Glazed doughnut (200 calories): 53 minutes of lunges (ouch)
1 slice of pepperoni pizza (260 calories): 272 consecutive burpees (yikes!)
1 M&M (3.4 calories): Walking the length of a football field
1 small theater popcorn and butter (630 calories): 135 minutes on the elliptical
1 medium size bagel + cream cheese (400 calories): 2 hours and 15 minutes of yoga

Single Girls Guide to Valentine's Day

{xo pinata}
This weekend my BFF and I were discussing Valentine's Day. Since prince charming has yet to whisk us off our feet (where are you?), we decided that we would create the best Valentine's Day ever. We each created a Pinterest board of our favorite treats, DIYs, cocktails and more. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

{chocolate covered strawberries}
{conversation heart brownies}
 {pink cocktails and mocktails}
 {ice cream cupcakes}
 {chocolate covered kabobs}
 {ombré chocolate covered cherries}

{white chocolate covered conversation popcorn}

Outdoor Winter Date Ideas

If you’re just starting off dating someone new, or maybe living under the same roof as your significant other winter can sometimes get relentless. You tend to stay in more than you go out. Here is a list of 15 outdoor winter date ideas you’re sure to love.

1. Do you want to build a snowman?
2. Go ice-skating at an outdoor rink.
3. Moonlit snow walk.
4. Be kids again and go sledding.
5. Try out cross-country skiing.
6. Go snowshoeing.
7. Tubing.
8. Have a campfire and make s’mores.
9. Give snowboarding a try.
10. Take a winter hike.
11. Go to a firework show – most cities have fire & ice festivals.

Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips

Sunday’s are always designated girls night at my aunt’s house. Her and I get together for dinner, watch Once Upon a Time, and enjoy popcorn or dessert. A couple weeks ago we took Sunday’s to a whole new level when we made chocolate covered potato chips. While you usually find the chips completely covered in the chocolate we only did half allowing for the quintessential sweet and salty combination.

Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips
• Milk chocolate
• Ridged Potato Chips

1. Line a baking sheet parchment paper
2. Using a double boiler melt chocolate or melt in short intervals on defrost in the microwave.
3. Drip half the chip into the melted chocolate and use a spoon to remove excess chocolate.
4. Place in the refrigerator or freezer to firm up chocolate
5. Enjoy.

Gorton’s Realistic Resolution Challenge

Gorton's Blogger Giveaway
We all start the New Year off making resolutions. Most of the time it involves healthier habits. However we usually break them within the first week or two. Therefore I couldn’t of been happier when I heard that Gorton’s Seafood had teamed up with SparkPeople to create a Realistic Resolution Challenge.
Gorton’s Realistic Resolution Challenge is a free online program that teaches you how to improve your diet and create a healthier lifestyle through 30 days of challenges. They also offer videos, recipes, shopping lists, a message board and so much more.
Gorton’s offers a wide range of fantastic products including their Grilled Fillets that are low fat, gluten free and 100 calories or less per serving.

Grilled Fillets Lemon Butter Review: I recently discovered that I have a gluten allergy. While I don't follow a super strict gluten free diet all the time - girl needs a cupcake now and then! I try to stick to it 90% of the time. That's why I was excited to discover that Gorton's offers a variety of gluten free products that are actually delicious. If you want fish for dinner without making your house smell like you just visited docks I highly recommend trusting the Gorton's fisherman they know what's up.

Check out the challenge here and sign up with me: here
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Movie Review: The Duff

I recently had the opportunity to attend an advance screening of “The Duff” which is set to come out February 20th.
When Bianca learns she has been given the nickname “the Duff”, she sets out to prove she is more than just someone’s “Designated Ugly Fat Friend”. Mind you to be a “Duff” you do not need to be ugly or fat. The crew you hang with could just be prettier than you are or more popular.
The movie will have you dying of laughter and not to mention it will teach us that no matter who we are and what our status is we are all someone’s Duff.
I highly recommend seeing this movie as soon as it comes out in theaters. It's the perfect date night movie or movie to see with your girlfriends.

Questions To Ask On A First Date

There’s really no better time to ask questions than on a first date. Here are some of the best ones I’ve been asked:

1. Who would you want to play you if there was a movie about your life?
It’s a light hearted fun question and actually my favorite.

2. Do you like animals?
Keeps the date from feeling like an interrogation.

3. What sports teams do you follow?
Low-pressure question, you could find out he’s in a summer softball league or he was the star football player in college or never misses a Tigers baseball game.

4. Have you traveled anywhere recently?
Does he like to head to Miami to party or visit Europe and sightsee?

5. Do you like what you do?
Asking about his job allows you to assess his financial stability, plus if he is unhappy that will show in other aspects of his life.

Raspberry Vinaigrette

I absolutely love raspberry vinaigrette dressing, however I can never find one that I like in stores. That's why this weekend I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own. The dressing turned out to be everything I had hoped for.

Raspberry Vinaigrette
1/4 cup raspberries pureed
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 teaspoon sugar
3 tablespoons canola oil
1/2-1 teaspoon dijon mustard
salt and pepper to taste

1. Whisk all ingredients together and enjoy!

30 Day Challenge: Hydration

Forget what happened last year, 2015 brings on a clean slate. It’s no secret that many of us make fitness, weight loss and health goals that we give up within the first week. So let’s start with a 30-day challenge to better ourselves for the next 30 days.

Drinking more water is one of the best things you can do for yourself. So let’s vow to drink at least eight – 8 oz. glasses of water for the next 30 days.

Water tips:
• You’ll drink more water if you drink it from a straw.
• Add some fruit to your water. My favorite combo is strawberries and lemon.
• Take a drink of water between each bite of food.

Are you drinking enough water? Do you have any tips for staying hydrated?

Monthly Beauty Finds

I love discovering and testing out products, and PHYTO-C Icy Blue Mist and Metal Tony Ponybeen my favorites for December.

The Metal Tony Pony comes in silver, gold and gunmetal. During the holidays it gave my ponytail just an extra touch of chicness that I will continue throughout winter.
Phyto-C’s Icy Blue Mist is perfect to hydrate your face as the temperatures begin to drop. I'm now keeping it in my purse when my face needs that extra boost of hydration.

How To: Be A Better Catch in 2015

There’s something invigorating about the idea of turning over a fresh leaf and using the New Year as a chance to really get your life right, especially your love life. Here are some tips on how to be a better catch in 2015.
1. Ditch the body insecurities. If he wants perfection he can go buy a Barbie doll.
2. Stop second –guessing.  Just send the text, flirt, and approach the guy.
3. Say thank you. It actually goes really far with most guys.
4. Ask interesting questions. Think of questions that give people the opportunity to open up about themselves, their passions, fears and dreams.
5. Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from seeing who’s out there.