Fall Dog Treats: Three Dog Bakery

If i'm not making Jack dog treats, than i'm buying them from Three Dog Bakery. The fall line of dog treats have arrived in stores and online and you definitely don't want to miss out on these goodies for your favorite pup! Jack tried out the Pup-kin Seeds, Pup-kin Spiced Latté and the Harvest Apple duo and let me tell you he is hooked!

Pup-kin Spiced Latté is Jacks absolute favorite (he's addicted to the marshmallows). These mini wafers contain pumpkin, vanilla, ginger and cinnamon - they'll easily become a favorite of your dogs.

The Harvest Apple Duo is a new treat from Three Dog Bakery and features mini apple flavor wafers paired with mini caramel flavor wafers. I give Jack these after his weekly bath and he goes crazy over them. Not to mention I think the neighbor dogs are completely addicted to these since they go crazy every time they see me outside with the boxes.

Pup-kin Seeds are tiny pumpkin wafers perfect for little dogs. Jack had no complaints when I gave him one last night.


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