Zoya Naturel | Deux 2014 Transitional

Zoya recently released Naturel Deux, which is a neutral collection bridging the transitional gap between late summer and early autumn consisting of six gorgeous shades. The formula is on the thicker side, but easy to control and each color only needed two coats. The collection is stunning and definitely perfect to wear when you don’t want to polish your nails in neon and it’s too soon for vampy hues.
Spencer is a light camel cream and is a gorgeous neutral color – perfect for lighter skin tones.
 Chanelle is a caramel latte neutral – perfect for medium skin tones.
 Emilia is a dark chocolate coffee cream – perfect for dark skin tones.
 Marnie is a deep plum bordeaux.
 Aubrey is a medium mauve bordeaux.
Madeline is a muted rose mauve.


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