Monday, July 21, 2014

SinfulColors Summer Colors

{Silk + Satin}
SinfulColors is turning up the heat this summer with two new sinfully luxurious polish collections. Silk + Satin features six matte hues, however they are not your chalky mattes these shades still have a luminous look to them.

Matte About Blue: a deep cornflower blue
Pipaya: offers a hint of coral combined with a tomato shade
Prime Purple: is the perfect lilac hue
Real Teal: will have you dreaming of being under the sea with this mermaid shade
Silver Solution: adds a gentle shimmer to an everyday look
Solar Flux: is a soft banana peel yellow.

{Full Throttle}
Full Throttle puts the pedal to the medal with five rubberized textures. They're the perfect colors to add to your summer beach line-up.

Rain Rubber: bright burnout blue
Burn Rubber: a fiery orange the perfect compliment for a beach bonfire
Race Rubber: vampy raspberry hue (will be fab for fall!)
Rubber Ball: a fun punchy pink
Red Tired: a scandalous and racy cherry tomato red

The three on the left are from Silk + Satin while the three on the right are from Full Throttle and you can see the unique rubberized texture to them.

Even though SinfulColors polish cost $1.99 they are up to the standard of the higher end polishes.

Chat it up with SinfulColors on Twitter @SinfulColors_NP


  1. All of these colors are amazing. I love the yellow and cobalt blue!

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