DIY: Heart Pillar Candle

When February arrives all I can think about is; hearts and varies shades of pink. I combined my love for both to create this simple heart pillar candle. All you need is candles (I bought them from the dollar store), heart shaped cookie cutters and a wick.
Step 1: Select the colors you'll be using.
 Step 2: Place in a pot filled with water and allow to boil until wax melts.
 Step 3: Pour into cookie cutter molds.
 Step 4: Freeze to harden wax, and pop it out of the mold.
 Step 5: Place a hole in the center of each heart (I used wire).
 Step 6: Insert the wick into your first one and pour on some white wax.
Step 7: Continue to add wax to each heart and stack until you reach the top.

Step 8: Trim your wick, light and enjoy!

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