DIY: Fringe Dog Toy

You don't have to spend a lot of money on toys to make your dog happy. In fact I discovered that Jack absolutely loves scraps of fabric, and since then my mum and I have been making him tons of different toys. Over the weekend I made him a copycat version of a fringe toy I saw at Petsmart, but for a fraction of the cost. Here's how to make it:
You Will Need:
• 2 different colors of fleece
• Scissors or a Rotary cutter
• Self healing mat (if using rotary cutter)
• Ruler (if using rotary cutter)

Step 1: Cut strips of fleece to your desired size.
I did one inch wide by 20 inches high (for Jack who weighs six pounds)
 Step 2: Stack the strips on top of each other alternating colors.
Step 3: Make a knot in the middle.
 Step 4: Spread out the fringe so it looks like the picture below.


  1. Oh how cute is he! I'm sure I can use the same idea to make a toy for my cats :) Great idea!

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