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This past weekend I hosted a girls night which consisted of sweet treats, manicures/pedicures and of course wine. The wine of choice: Barefoot Refresh, a new offering from Barefoot Wine & Bubbly and it's their take on a wine spritzer. We sampled Sweet White and Perfectly Pink both options I picked are sweet which is always a favorite at girls night.What I loved most about these two wines is they reminded me of a fizzy drink, which was the perfect way to settle into fall.

I'll be honest when it came to picking out two of these wines to try out I didn't read the descriptions I simply went off of the name of the name. I am not a drinker and when it comes to picking out wines I always pick the on ones with the cute labels (these have glitter flakes on them) or a cute name (Perfectly Pink....really who could pass that one up). For just picking based on names my friends loved the wines and I would definitely give these as a gift during the holidays.
 "The product and promotional item were provided by Barefoot Wine & Bubbly for this review." All opinions are my own.
Sweet White: Riesling blended with Chenin Blanc.
This was a hit or miss with everyone, either they absolutely loved it or they didn't like it at all. The flavor is sweet, but some found it overpowering or underwhelming.
Perfectly Pink: White Grenache blended with Chenin Blanc and Moscato.
Perfectly Pink was a huge hit and will now be a New Years Eve staple for me. We did prefer this one over ice like it says on the label as opposed to just chilled. 
(sweet treat)

Ways to enjoy Barefoot Refresh
At your next tailgate
Lazy days outside
Book Club
Girls night
Fall bon fire in the backyard
New Years Eve

Best features
light carbonation
sweet taste

The best part about these wines is that they can be enjoyed chilled, over ice or incorporated into a cocktail or punch. I'm thinking sangria with these would be amazing and for only $8 a bottle you can't go wrong!

Try all the flavors: Summer Red, Perfectly Pink, Crisp White and Sweet White.
Crisp White: Riesling blended with Chenin Blanc
Sweet White: Pinot Grigio blended with Moscato
Summer Red: Pinot Noir Rosé blended with Moscato

Perfectly Pink: White Grenache blended with Chenin Blanc and Moscato

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