Custom Yoga Mat

{Mat Color: Pink | Thread: Khaki | Font: Script}
Recently I started attending pilates classes twice a week. It was my first time attending a workout class, and I quickly learned that everyone’s personality shines through on their yoga mats. That’s when I discovered “My Custom Yoga Mat”. For $40 (plus shipping/handling and tax), you can create your own custom embroidered yoga mat. Plus when something is this cute you can’t help but workout a little harder.  You can order one here.
Choose your mat and thread color, font and your text (single letter, name or monogram). My Custom Yoga Mat, in my opinion offers the best mats on the market and if you are looking for one for yourself or someone else I highly recommend shopping with them.
My yoga mat arrived ready to be given as a gift (loved that!), and was tied with coordinating satin ribbons. As a designer and someone who appreciates detail I loved that the company goes the extra mile for it’s customers.


  1. This is adorable! I just might have to get one!


  2. so cute! Maybe if I bought one I'd be motivated to work out more