DIY: Citronella Candle

From cabins and lake houses to backyard barbecues and bonfires, my summer has been eventful. I don't know about you, but when I get invited somewhere I always bring a hostess gift. While I do buy gifts from time to time I think something homemade is just a little bit sweeter. These simple citronella candles have become my go-to hostess gifts for summer.
Terracotta Pots (I spray painted mine)
Unscented candles (check Walmart or the Dollar Store)
Candle Wicks
Something to melt wax in
 Step 1: Chop up a pillar candle.
Step 2: Fill a pot with water add jars filled with candle wax. Melt on a low temperature.
Step 3: Place a piece of foil under the pot, wrap the wick around a pencil and pour in a small amount of wax to lock your wick in place.
 Step 4: Add Citronella oil to the melted wax and pour into your pots.
Step 5: Allow to set for 24 hours.