Blissful State of Summer

{Afternoons at the beach require cute totes like this one from Nantucket Brand}
Despite the fact that summer officially arrived weeks ago the weather here has been less than perfect. That is until this past week when temperatures outside started holding steady at an uncomfortable temperature. Leaving my weekend filled with beach days, dune hikes, bike rides, cherry limeade, fireworks and a trip out on Lake Michigan, leaving me in a blissful state of summer delight.
 {Evening walks on the break wall as the Badger comes in}
 {Bright nails for bright days}
 {Homemade Cherry Limeade to stay cool}
 {Dune hikes overlooking the water}
{Late night dinners while waiting for the sun to set}


  1. I wish I lived at the beach! All of these snapshots are perfect!

  2. Nice colour of your nails ;)
    Cute photos!