Grilled Corn

It's sweet corn season here in Michigan, and my favorite way to enjoy it is straight from the barbecue.
 Step 1: Remove a couple layers of the husk.
Step 2: Soak in cold water for 20 minutes. Flip after 10 minutes.
Step 3: Pull down the husk of the corn down (but do not remove them) remove the silk.
Step 4: Pull the husk back up and place on the barbecue.
Step 5: Grill for at least 25 minutes.

DIY: Citronella Candle

From cabins and lake houses to backyard barbecues and bonfires, my summer has been eventful. I don't know about you, but when I get invited somewhere I always bring a hostess gift. While I do buy gifts from time to time I think something homemade is just a little bit sweeter. These simple citronella candles have become my go-to hostess gifts for summer.
Terracotta Pots (I spray painted mine)
Unscented candles (check Walmart or the Dollar Store)
Candle Wicks
Something to melt wax in
 Step 1: Chop up a pillar candle.
Step 2: Fill a pot with water add jars filled with candle wax. Melt on a low temperature.
Step 3: Place a piece of foil under the pot, wrap the wick around a pencil and pour in a small amount of wax to lock your wick in place.
 Step 4: Add Citronella oil to the melted wax and pour into your pots.
Step 5: Allow to set for 24 hours.


 {Loving: nude nails and lips}
 {Long days on the beach}
 {Homemade blueberry muffins with fresh picked berries}
 {Living in flats}
{Getting around to redoing this room and getting rid of the ugly blue}

Currently Loving

 {linen beach pants}
What are you loving right now?
 {keeping lotion in the refrigerator to stay cool}
 {braided buns}
 {mixing patterns}
{nude lips and smokey eyes}

A Prince is Born

 {Bespoke cornflower crepe de chine dress by Jenny Packham}
Such a magical moment in history. Kate looked absolutely radiant as she stepped out with William and their little prince.  I love that she chose to wear a blue polka dot dress not only a nod to her son but Princess Diana as well. I can't wait for them to announce the name and see what outfits she has in store for the Prince.
all pictures from the daily mail.

Fish Taco

When you live two miles away from Lake Michigan and marinas are packed with charter fishing boats, it’s inevitable you’ll end up receiving fresh fish from someone. This weekend I received some white fish and immediately thought of making fish tacos. It was my first time ever making them (and eating them), but they were everything I had hoped for, and have quickly become a summer must.
Step 1: Soak fish in milk (I did overnight) to mellow the fish taste and smell. When ready to cook season as desired. I used lemon pepper.
Step 2: Spray a piece of foil with Pam, place on the barbeque and add your fish.
 Step 3: Make coleslaw: cabbage, carrots, mayo, vinegar, sugar and chive.
 Step 4: Make Pico De Gallo: tomato, onion, cilantro, lime juice, hot chili peppers and salt.
 Step 5: Once fish is cooked add to a warmed tortilla and top with coleslaw.
Step 6: Then top with your Pico De Gallo and enjoy!

Zoya PixieDust Fall 2013

Matte, texture and sparkle the perfect combination for fall. Zoya PixieDust returns for fall with six new fabulous shades. PixieDust does not require a base or topcoat. Just simply apply 1-3 thin coats of polish, allowing it to completely dry between each coat giving you an ultra-sparkly, matted and textured chic nail look.
Tomoko will have you ready to pop the bubble with this silver champagne hue.
Chita makes a statement in jade.
Sunshine, despite the name this is the perfect navy nighttime blue.
Carter is a vivacious violet.
Arabella is a sweet fuchsia to make a statement when the leaves start to fall.

Dhara is the ideal orange to match gorgeous fall foliage.

Five Things

{Summer pup}
This week has been a complete scorcher which means I took every opportunity to spend the day on the beach, and hope to spend the weekend doing the same. What are your weekend plans?
 {Sitting on the dock watching the Badger come in}
 {My mini beach bag is perfect for short trips to the beach}
 {Citrus nails for the weekend}
{New neon workout shoes}

Saran Wrap Manicure

Create this marbled watercolor manicure with only nail polish and Saran Wrap! The color combinations are endless from spunky and fun to chic and sophisticated and everything in between there is sure to be a color combination perfect for you!

{Zoya 'Thandie', 'Micky', 'Darcy'}
Step 1: Start with your base color and polish on two coats.
Step 2: Once your nails have dried add your second polish choice to Saran Wrap.
Step 3: Dab on your nails and repeat with a second or third color. Allow to dry before adding a topcoat.